Thursday, July 30, 2009

Whitney Houston is Back!!!

I’ve mentioned in my post before that I’ve been looking or searching for a best satellite TV provider and indeed I found one. I choose direct TV for its good features and packages and its affordability. And it is indeed a nice provider for so far I didn’t encounter any problems with them.

One day while scanning through the channels I came across entertainment news. My attention was then caught up about Whitney Houston’s come back. I am a Whitney Houston fan and I haven’t heard any news from her. Well, I’ve heard rumors before that Whitney was addicted to drugs that’s why she was not active but I don’t know if that’s true or perhaps her detractors just made it up. Since then, I haven’t heard any new songs of her. My last memory of her was on her movie with Kevin Costner entitled the Bodyguard. I love that movie and its theme song that made Whitney Houston more popular.

Well, thank God that Whitney Houston is back again. She’ll going to release her first single in six years. The title track of her new album is “I look to You” which is written by R. Kelly. It was even said in the news that Whitney expresses everything want she wanted to say in her song. I’m so excited to have a copy of that new album of hers. Hope this come back of hers will be a success.

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