Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Wedding to Remember

Remember my Shower Party post for my dear officemate Rosell, well yesterday was her big day. And I wanna share with you guys our pictures during her wedding.

Here it is :)

hya, jenny & me
this was before the wedding ceremony starts

hya and me

d pretty girls :)

d hot mommas :)

feeling beautiful & sexy :)

commentator me :)

picture taking with the couple

with sky love the maid of honor

phebie, maricel & me

camera addicts :)

with Mr. & Mrs. Jake Tuba-on
at the reception

phebie & me
with the beautiful bride Rosell

phebie & me again :)

still...phebie & me again . . :)
isn't it obvious that we're both camera addicts?

still can't help but pose . . . :)
stairway beauties

girls over flower? . . . :)

Haven’t you observed something . . . well if u haven’t observed it, Rosell’s wedding day was like a pictorial session for all of us her friends. Lolz! As you see we have lots of group pictures but without the newly wedded couple in sight. hahaha. . . :)

Anyways, to the newly wedded couple Jake & Rosell Congrats and Best Wishes. :))


Genejosh said...

oist sis..ang ganda mo ha..

I have something for you HERE!

Our Adventures Together/
Her and History
Tasty Exploration

Phoebe said...

ang ganda mo dyan kering-keri ang damit... mukhang ngenjoy k ng todo magpa-picture. hehe :D

Happy Sunday!