Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Business in Mexico

Planning to put up a manufacturing business and set up operations in Mexico and don’t know were to find help, NAPS is here to help you. NAPS or North America Production Sharing Incorporated facilitates the relocation of labor intensive processes to Mexico and provides manufacturing services as well. Mexico offers a prime location for lesser expenses and improves your business profitability.

NAPS are also the premier expert in Mexican manufacturing for they provide client-centered services. What more with NAPS is they provide start-up and administrative services to more than 50 companies that employ in excess of 3,800 workers.

When establishing business like in Mexico you’ve got also to help build their community and the country itself will benefit a lot. One benefit that they will get is a growing population of an educated, experience and affordable workforce. So many businessmen will venture and put also their own business establishments.

By the way NAPS does not only specialize in Manufacturing but also in Aerospace, Automotive, Electronic, Medical and Packaging Industries.

Flawless Looking Skin

My arms and legs have so many excess hairs. I remember when I was still in elementary years my classmate used to teased me that I do have a hair like a monkey. I got offended and angry with them but I have no choice but to accept the fact that I’m blessed with excess hairs. No offend to monkey lovers please. As we all know monkeys are hairy. Now that I’ve grown up I dream to have a hair removal treatment like what laser hair removal in chicago does. They specialize in laser acne treatment, hair removal, liposuction, restylane treatment and other skin care related treatments. They also provide treatments to many skin conditions like cosmetic, medical and surgical treatment.

And as of for now I’m really saving for that laser hair removal so that I will have a flawless looking skin soon.

from simple headache to migraine

I’m still not feeling well. Yesterday afternoon after attending a boring tiresome meeting I got a headache absorbing what they were discussing. And this morning when I wake up after a not so goodnight sleep my head is still throbbing with pain. This time the pain is only on the left side of my head even affecting my left eye . . . OMG! it’s not a just a simple headache anymore but it’s my migraine taking place this time. I took 2 paracetamol but still to no avail. My migraine is still getting worse and I hate it because the pain is pulsating badly. Waaaaaaaa . . .

Wikipedia define Migraine as a neurological syndrome characterized by altered bodily perceptions, headaches and nausea. Physiologically, the migraine headache is a neurological condition more common to women than to men. The word migraine was borrowed from Old French migraigne (originally as “megrim”, but respelled in 1777 on a contemporary French model). The French term derived from a vulgar pronunciation of the Late Latin word hemicranias, itself based on Greek hemikrania, from Greek roots for “half” and “skull”. The typical migraine headache is unilateral and pulsating, lasting from 4 to 72 hours. Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, photophobia (increased sensitivity to bright light) and hyperacusis (increased sensitivity to sound), approximately one third of people who suffer migraine headache perceive aura – unusual visual, olfactory, or other sensory experiences that are a sign that the migraine will soon occur.

Hope this migraine of mine will soon subside for it really affects my day here at the office.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Headache. . .

My head aches . . . waaaaaaa . . . I think I need some rest. I've been sleeping late at night for almost one week now. I was addicted again in reading pocketbooks. As of the moment I’m reading Judith McNaught my fave author’s Night Whisperer. And last night I was so engross reading that I was not able to notice the time that it was already 2am. Waaaaaaaaa…this is what I get of not having enough sleep and rest . . . a really, really bad headache and it sucks. I have some opps to finish but my head is throbbing with pain. Hayy. . .I’ll better take some pain relievers or paracetamol perhaps to ease the pain.

Making Money out of your Gold Jewelries

My aunt loves to collect gold jewelries. She told me once that collecting gold jewelries is like an investment. As time pass by your gold jewelry value will increase its value especially if it has a large karat value on it. And in determining its karat value it is encrypted somewhere in the jewelry. One thing also to determine the value of jewelry is that the gram of gold on it. My aunt is so expert in determining all of that gold stuff and in fact she melts some of her jewelries and turn into a gold bar. Now she wants to sell those gold bars and she doesn’t know where to sell gold bullion that would give her the right price. I then told her that there’s so many ways to sell your gold bars. You can sell it online or offline but if you want to sell online you must be well knowledgeable and you must be careful not to be fooled by illegal buyers. You must check first the feedback and review section of the site. And I told here about Cash4Gold that they are reliable and can be trusted. She then checks it out.

Wanna know the whole story of Cash4Gold and its humble beginnings in terms of buying gold online. Visit the Cash4Gold blog for more interesting tidbits about the company.

of building a house . . .

One day we received a long distance call from my aunt who lives in North Carolina Winston Salem Area. She excitedly informed us that after a month long search and looking for a right home builder that can help her build her dream house she finally found one. She found winston salem home builders to construct her dream house. They have state of the art design center where you can choose from hundreds of floor plans and even can customize it just to fit your wants and needs. She also told us that she pick out everything there from plumbing fixtures to kitchen countertops and more without a need to run all over the town picking out the items that will complete her home. She then told us that she did not feel tired, drain and burn-out while completing her dream house.

In a Meeting . . .

I’m in a meeting right now and to fight the boredom and sleepiness that haunting me I keep myself busy writing on my blog. shhhh…. Lolz! I’m still listening though, but I can’t comprehend what they’re talking about. Lolz! In fact some of my officemates were taking their nap already while listening. I guess there heads are too heavy already to handle. Perhaps I’ll give each one of them a toothpick to keep their eyelids open. I’m sure in a little while some saliva while be drooling too… oopss…Hahaha . . .

Affordable Abode

Home mortgage nowadays have mixed rates, other offers high interest rates and some offers much cheaper and affordable rates. And for these past few days I’ve been planning to refinance my home mortgage because as of the moment my mortgage rates is eating up my budget. It’s quite too high or costly for me. Good enough I found a home mortgage refinancer that offers lower or better interest rate. So now I was able to save a little without sacrificing our humble abode.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Opps It's Raining

I’m stuck at the office right now with nothing else to do and I wanna go home. I still have some errands to make. I have to drop by a supermarket to grab some groceries. But I can’t get out from the office. The rain is pouring hard, I wish it would stop. Waaaaaaaa … and now I end up singing rain..rain..go away... because elaine wanna go home already. Mr. Rain please . . .

On Being Aware Vigilant and Updated

Nowadays, we always heard in the news about children being molested and victimized by sexual abuse some even happen in their own house and community. It’s so scary isn’t it? As much as possible we parents don't want that to happen to our children. Thank heavens that there’s this sex offender search innovative system that will provide us with a round the clock, family protection service. They bring us updated sex offenders result in our neighborhood. And take note, their innovative system is for free. So we need not live in fear no more and start taking steps to protect our children against those ill-famed sexual abusers.

A Friend of Mine ...

I love this song. It reminds me of someone way back college years...:) Well, actually that someone always sang this song to me before, that's why each time I heard this song played in the radio it makes me shiver a little bit. lolz! I miss those old days, though.

Anyways, I do love singing but singing doesn't love me at all. How I wish I have a voice like Regine V. or Lea S. but unfortunately I'm not gifted as they are. Well here's the lyrics of my fave song entitled "A friend of Mine" :)) *wink*

Ive known you for so long
You are a friend of mine
But is this all wed ever be?
Ive loved you ever since
You are a friend of mine
And babe is this all we ever could be?

You tell me things Ive never known
I shown you love youve never shown
But then again, when you cry
Im always at your side
You tell me bout the love youve had
I listen very eagerly
But deep inside youll never see
This feeling of emptiness
It makes me feel sad
But then again Im glad

Ive known you all my life
You are a friend of mine
I know this is how its gonna be
Ive loved you then and I love you still
Youre a friend of mine
Now, I know friends are all we ever could be

You tell me things Ive never known
I shown you love youve never shown
But then again, when you cry
Im always at your side
You tell me bout the love youve had
I listen very eagerly
But deep inside youll never see
This feeling of emptiness
It makes me feel sad
But then again
Then again
Then again Im glad

Property Management

Do you have plenty of property may it be residential or commercial and you don’t have enough time to manage all of those? Well, worry no more Maxim Enterprises is here to help you manage all your properties. They provide a wide array of property preservation services like evictions, damage estimates, lock changes, roof repair, board-ups, winterizations, debris and hazardous material removal. They also cater mold remediation, lawn maintenance and more. They have expert staff that can answer and handle to all your queries and concerns.

Maxim Enterprises has been in the business for quite sometime so you can really rely on their services. In fact Maxim Enterprises is the leader in property preservation and management. So, if you’re looking and searching for a property management don’t hesitate to contact Maxim Enterprises.

Friday Photo Flashback #6

Friday Photo Flashback

My high school yearbook picture batch 1994
I miss my curly hair. :)
and i still look so naive with this picture. lolz

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Goodbye to the King of Pop Michael Jackson

I was so shocked this morning upon learning on the news both in television and internet that the Legendary King of Pop Michael Jackson died yesterday Thursday at the age of 50. Based on what I’ve read on the Yahoo Entertainment news that Jackson’s death was not immediately clear. He was not breathing when L.A. Fire Department paramedics responded to a call at his L.A. home at 12:30p pm. They believed that he suffered cardiac arrest in his home. However, the cause of his death is unknown until the results of the autopsy are known.

I was so saddened by the news for I was a big fan of Michael Jackson. I love mostly all his songs.

To Michael Jackson may you rest in peace. . .
Gone are you but your songs will still forever remains . . .

For more updates on Michael Jackson death just head on to Yahoo Entertainment News

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My 1950s Name

I've been waiting for someone to tag me with this tag but since nobody tag me with this tag so i decided to grab this "What's Your 1950s Name" tag at Mommy Enchie's Site. Mommy Ench hope it's ok with you that i grab this tag in your site :) I just love to know what's my 1950s name and here it is . . .:))

Your 1950s Name is: Vivian Rhonda

I find my 1950s name cute even if it sounds more gallant or brave. :) hehehe

What's buzzin, cuzzin?

Expert Auto Repaint Shop

I was nervous when my cousin calls me up one afternoon, his voice was so sad that I thought something bad happens to him. When he told me what happen I almost burst into laughter because he only informs me that his 3 months old baby SUV got scratch in one of a malls parking area. While looking for a right place to park his SUV, he accidentally bumps into one of the signage. Well, thank God, nothing serious happens to him just his SUV who got scratches. Lolz! Anyways, he was so devastated and angry with himself he felt reckless because he treats his SUV like a baby. He is so careful and attentive when he drives his SUV. Especially when going to the city proper where most of the time traffic was so heavy and vehicles were bumper to bumper apart already. He then asks me to help him find an expert auto repair shop that can repaint his SUV right away. Gosh! His not that over protective with his SUV, I guess his also obsessed with it too.

Right away we did look for an auto body repair shop expert that offers an excellent service and affordable rates. While looking for one we stumble upon Los Angeles Auto Body Repair Shop. They have well trained staff to handle all your repainting needs. They can make your car or SUV look great again. And my cousin without a doubt contact Auto Body Repair shop right away for he can’t wait for his SUV to be repainted and to look great again. He then said to me that a nice and great looking SUV can enhance his looks too. :))

Awards Time

1st award :)

Got this award from Tetcha of Pensive Thoughts. Thanks much Tech for this Treasured Friends Forever Award. I'm so grateful to have this award. :))

2nd award :)

Got this from Beth Moreno of tust.loyalty.bliss. Thanks much Beth. :)

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Now am passing this One Lovely Blog Award to all of you. Just feel free to grab it :))

3rd award but not the least :)

Got this from Tammy of Anything under the Sun, Enchie of Sweet Nothings and Sarah of His Unfailing Love. Thanks so much to the both of you. I really feel honored by this award. *muahh*


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I nominate Phebie, Beth Moreno, Tetcha, Emma,Shelo, Sudha, Elizabeth, Mys and to all those mommy friends of mine here in the blogosphere who doesn't have this award yet, feel free to grab this Creative Mom Blogger Award.

Engine's Heart

One day while heading to the beach with my uncle’s pick up as our service we encounter a little vehicle problem along the way. While on the road my uncle got panic for seconds, he feels something is wrong with his diesel fuel pump, its not functioning well. As we all know diesel fuel pump plays an important role on ones vehicle, its the heart of an engine. It delivers an exact metered amount of fuel, under high pressure, at the right time to the injector. Encountering a malfunction of the diesel fuel pump means you’re vehicle will not function or runs properly. Good enough that my uncle is an expert driver so he still manages to reach our destination. He then told us that his diesel fuel pump needs a new replacement. After our beach outing he then went directly to his favorite spare parts pro dealer were they have all kinds of diesel parts and offers big discounts if you purchase from them a new diesel fuel pump or any vehicle or automotive parts that you need.

Our Little Dishwasher

Who says only big boys knows how to wash dishes? Well, little big boys knows how to wash dishes too...:)) The pictures speaks itself . . . :) lolz!

putting liquid soap in the sponge
look at the sink its full of used kitchen utensils

whew! looks like my little big boy dish washer has a lot of things to do
the sink speak of itself :)

ooopppsss . . . i guess his done already. . .
his beginning to rinse the plate

still rinsing the plate . . . :)
whew..what a tough job mom :)

How I wish when my little big boy grows up he would still help me in doing household chores. :))

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Word Filled Wednesday

Happy WFW Everyone! :)

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One Message Received

Are you a lottery fanatic? Do you always bet for mega lotto? Making a bet for lotto is a bit exciting and enjoyable especially while waiting for the mega millions results. You don’t have any idea if your numbers will be included in the lucky numbers that will be drawn. Sometimes you can’t wait for the result to be announced.

Well, nowadays you have the opportunity to know first at hand the winning mega lotto numbers through your cell phone. Lottery Numbers.com is the premiere SMS service which provides you with the winning lottery numbers as they are announced. No more hunting around websites or newspapers seeing if you won. They send you every winning mega millions results within 1 hour of the drawing so you can know right away if you have won or not.

Registering and subscribing at Lotterynumbers.com is so easy and their rates are very affordable. So what are you waiting for visit their site and subscribe now.

My Mamang's 60th Bday Celeb

For these past few days I've been mentioning in some of my post about my mom's 60th birthday celebration. Now I'm posting her birthday celebration pictures. Actually her birthday was on June 11, but she did celebrate it on June 20 on my papang birthday too. So it was like a double birthday celebration.

It was just a simple birthday celebration, my mamang invited few of her friends so as my sister invited some of here closest friends too. My son was the super entertainer that time, he feels that it was his birthday too. lolz

Here are her birthday pictures. Just scroll down to view it. :)

This was taken on June 11 on her actual birth date

yummy crispa pata

my son blowing the birthday candle
as if he's the birthday celebrant
he keeps on insisting to have a birthday candle on the cake

this was taken on June 20
it was then my papang's bday
so it was kinda double birthday celebration :)

my mamang's simple birthday cake

my son and my mamang
again this time my son who blows the birthday candle

my mamang's friends

chow time :)

my son with my sister's classmates