Monday, August 31, 2009

A New Site to Remember

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Making a Wise Choice

As we all know 2010 Presidential Election is drawing near. And I’m pretty sure some of you have presidential bets and prospects already but some of you are undecided yet. Looking for a good prospect and for a next potential leader to our financially hard up country is so hard. We must really make a wise choice this time. Our country needs our help for its suffering too much already.

As a Mindanaoan Blogger, I myself cannot decide yet until now who among the presidential and vice presidential candidates to vote for this coming 2010 Presidential Election. My knowledge and information is not enough yet. Well, thank heavens that I stumble upon this site Politicalarena dot com. It is an online source that can help me and guide me a lot in deciding who among the 2010 presidential candidates that can be worth voting for this coming election. I even sign up immediately so that I can access on the political forums and join in the opinion poll. They have also political issues to read to in case you miss something in the television news, radio and newspaper. I even participated in the opinion poll. The poll question is “The most important issue in choosing your next President? “ I choose EDUCATION as my answer. is powered by the global network of, an online classified ad portal, and, Asia Pacific’s leading job portal.

And as a Kagay-anon and a Mindanaoan Blogger this site is really a great help to me especially in promoting a best and honest 2010 elections by participating and joining in the forum.

Firework Display

Last Saturday we went to SM to witness the Fireworks Competition. My son was so excited to watch the said Fireworks Display. I was a little bit dismayed because it started too late and my son was impatient already, he can't wait any longer. But then even it started late it is still worth the wait, for almost all the entries are so awesome.

My son enjoying the firework display . . . :)

These are my shots . . . not so good though
because I'm only using a not so high end digital cam

Unwanted Hair No More

My arms and legs have so many excess hairs. I remember when I was still in my elementary years my classmate used to teased me that I do have hair like a monkey. I got offended and angry with them but I have no choice but to accept the fact that I’m blessed with excess hairs. No offend to monkey lovers please for as we all know monkeys are hairy. Now that I’m grown up and I have a job of my own I can now afford to get rid of this unwanted hairs of mine through laser hair removal like laser hair removal in chicago does. They specialize in laser acne treatment, hair removal, liposuction, restylane treatment and other skin care related treatments. They also provide treatments in many skin conditions like cosmetic, medical and surgical treatment. And I’m pretty sure after doing that kind of treatment I can now fulfill my dream of having a flawless looking skin. And I won’t be shy anymore to show off my legs and arms in public places especially in beaches.

But as of for now I’m still saving for that laser hair removal dream of mine, who knows that will be soon enough. Just stay tune and keep updated.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Yummy Sunday 1: Lechon Kawali

This is my very first entry for Yummy Sunday.
For my entry today I will be sharing a picture of my fave viand. . . the very delicious
Letson Kawali.

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Visual Talking

My first ever dNeero conversation. I find the topic fun and interesting. You've got to express what you feel through pictures or images. So why don't you join the fun too. Join Visual talking now. :))

Jump for Pehpot

This is my first ever jump shot and it was taken at Chocolate Hills Bohol last December of 2008. And I had so much fun, the picture speak itself. I never thought that this jump shot picture of mine will be of use aside from boasting it that I've visited Bohol for the very first time. lolz! Anyways, Why don't you jump for pehpot too?

Picture Perfect in Hawaii

I love to take a picture that’s why I’m always bringing with me my digital camera wherever I am. Especially if I’m on travel the first thing I put in my handbag is my camera. My digital camera is like a part of my life without it I feel incomplete. Gosh, do I sound a camera obsess already?

I do seldom travel that’s why each time I went to a place I take so many pictures of it. I do capture its scenery, their beaches, surroundings and anything that interest my eyes. In fact I do have a dream destination for a photo shoot and that’s Honolulu Hawaii. I would love to take pictures of its beautiful beaches and the place itself. And if that will happen I would really bring a professional digital camera like a Nikon camera. Gosh that’s too expensive I can’t afford to own one either! Well then good enough for I stumble upon a site that offers camera and camera accessories rentals at Honolulu Camera Store. So if that dream Honolulu travel of mine will come true in the future I can still take a picture perfect like a pro then.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Mommy Moments - Name Game

mommy moments

Its Friday Once Again...

Mommy Moments Time !!!!

Today's theme is Name Game

The story behind my son’s name. . .

My son’s name is Jon Gerrel. I got his Jon from my fave PBA player Jondan Salvador of Purefoods because when I was pregnant I don’t know why or for what reason that I got hooked up with basketball games, I became a basketball fanatic. It even came to a point when I was already 7mons preggy I watched PBA games live of course everybody hesitated but then they can’t stop me. Lolz. That was purerefoods and ginebra playing here in cdo. I even have a picture with jondan and I even asked his wrist band. Hahaha.kapal muks! :))

And Gerrel is a combination of my name Elaine and his dad’s name Gerry.

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Happy Mommy Moments!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

on floor care . . .

One day my aunt went to our house and asks my mom if she knows or if she has an idea were to hire someone that could fix or repair their slightly ruined hardwood floor. Good enough that my mom on that same day was exploring the net and stumble upon a Hardwood Floor Care website. There she knows that they are expert on hardwood floor cleaning and repair. They’ve been serving since 1976 and earning a solid reputation for quality service. And they also have expert staff to handle your hardwood floor concerns.

So right away my aunt contacted them before it’s too late.

Unveiling Time

Remember my post entitled Got My New Baby Already? Well…its time to unveil whose that baby of mine then. :) . . . drum roll please. . . tadadang . . .

Presenting my new baby . . . My Acer Aspire Laptop . . .:)) yepii!!!

Just got my acer aspire laptop last saturday and just this afternoon I got my internet connection too and I hope I made the right decision in choosing my internet provider this time. I’m using smart wireless broadband. Hope their connection is fast and hassle free. (crossing my finger in here. Anyways, below is a pic of my new baby . . . :))

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Chat Rooms for Tattoo Lovers

I happen to stumble upon this chat site were tattoo enthusiast and lovers would really love to hang out. It is called the tattoo chat. There they’ve got the chance to meet tons of online tattoo chatters all over the world. It’s so easy to join, just log on to tattoochatcity dot com and register for free. Just follow there simple and easy registrations steps and in just a minute you can instantly access on their chat rooms. What’s good with them is you can view your chat mates through webcam.

Hurry up and log on to tattoo chat now and have the chance to met tattoo enthusiast like you.

Loyal Friend & Visitors Award

Jenny of “The Way I Use to be” made this Loyal Friend and Visitors award and I'm lucky enough and honored to be included on her list of award recipients. Thanks Jen for this award, I truly appreciate it. And sorry for not posting it right away. :))

Anyways, here's the award

Here's the rule:

1. Copy the loyal picture above
2. Pass it to you think who is/are deserving.
3. Leave a message to them
4. Pass as many as you want.
5. Message back or leave a comment to the owner.

And now I am passing this award to all my friends on this blog. Please feel free to grab this anytime. :))

Monday, August 24, 2009

Waste Management

Nowadays garbage disposal is a big problem that needs to be taken care of and be solved. Even garbage disposal services had a hard time finding solutions on it. Good enough wastedge dot com develops its latest technology software called Waste Industry Management Software . Their software will help them manage fast and organize collections and disposals of garbage around the community. And the software is already available e and so affordable. Surely this will be the answer to the entire garbage industry problem these days.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Chat Rooms for Christians

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So what are you waiting for log on at christian chat and have the chance to met new Christian friends online. Hurry up and see you there!

Got my New Baby Already

Got my new baby yesterday. Yepey!!! :)) :)) Wondering what I am talking about here or what's my new baby . . . well, just stay tune...:) Can't tell you yet what is it right now. :))

Halloween Costumes

Every year my office mate who’s a remix disc jockey invites me and my son to attend a Halloween Party where he performs. And without any further reasons I do accept his invitation. My son and I find Halloween parties so much fun. We’ve got to met new friends and most of the time we got amaze with the Halloween Costumes they wear. Some halloween costumes looks so funny and others looks so scary. But most of the time I regret what I’m wearing because I only wear a black blouse and a black pants. I only play with my make up and my head accessories. I wear a bunny head band to accessorize my head. Yay! Sounds like I’m out of place huh? Unlike my son I really bought him every year a Halloween costumes for kids. So as early as now I’m planning on what Halloween costume we will wear. I would love to have a Halloween costume for us that are so comfortable to wear on and we’ll both look good. Oooppsss… Doesn’t it too early to talk about Halloween? I guess not. It’s never been too early to plan for a Halloween costume even if Halloween is still three months away. I even read on the Halloween costumes blog that It’s advantageous to plan for a Halloween costume a head of time so when Halloween arrives you’re all set for the party already. And you can really choose well what to wear and can even make it more customize.

Here’s what I plan to wear this coming Halloween but before that my theme for this year's Halloween is a sexy navy girl.

I’m sure I’ll gonna look so sexy with this costume, but can’t wear my bunny head band this time for it doesn’t fit with the costume.

And for my son since he loves army costumes, I choose this air force costume from him. I’m pretty much sure he will surely like this. He will also look so handsome with this costume too.

I am sure our Halloween party this time will be more exciting and fun. :))

Friday, August 21, 2009

Mommy Moments - Rain, Rain Go Away

mommy moments

Mommy Moments Time!!!

Here's my entry :)

I haven’t allowed my son to take a bathe in the rain. But every time it rains my son would just lean on the window or standby on our porch and would always sing Rain, Rain Go away come again another day because jon-jon cannot play…:))

Well, the first 2 pictures above were taken last Sunday when it drizzle and jon-jon wants to go out so he get the big pink umbrella and used it. The other two pics were taken not quite long ago. Actually that was always his attire if it rains and we’re going out. And about that wearing of shades even if its raining outside, I dunno were he got that idea, well, I guess that is one of his way of getting pogi points. lolz

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Happy Mommy Moments!!!

Chat Rooms for Gothics

Are you feeling bored? Looking for someone to talk and share ideas about Gothic, well there’s a place here in the net that talks about it and that’s gothic chat. Just visit their site and register there for free. There you can find single Gothic believers whom you can share and exchange your school of ideas about Gothic and interact with them.And in every chat site you must follow their rules and guidelines in order to have harmonious and peaceful chat rooms. And what is good with gothic chat, is you can even view your chat mates through web cam or video cam. It’s like talking to them in person too. What an awesome chat site! Through this chat site you’ve got to met tons of Gothic supporters from all over the world. So what are you waiting for visit gothicchat dot org now. :))

Thursday, August 20, 2009

SUNDAYAG sa Amihang Mindanao

Few days from now our City of Golden Friendship - Cagayan de Oro City will be celebrating its City Fiesta. And in connection to that our office is hosting an event or activity entitled SUNDAYAG sa Amihang Mindanao.

SUNDAYAG which means show, presentation or exhibition is an annual event on Agro-Industry Exposition of Northern Mindanao. This year's theme "Showcasing the Best Potentials of Agri-Fishery Products of Region 10" of the Sundayag celebration is set to take place on 21 - 30 Agust 2009 at Provincial Capitol Grounds, Cagayan de Oro City.

The event is concerted efforts led by Chamber of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Industries of Northern Mindanao and Department of Agriculture RFU 10 and other various government agencies in region 10.

Generally, SUNDAYAG aims to provide a direct linkage to their target markets and access to market information. It specifically provides a venue to expose and promote the producer's product and interacts with buyers. It allows producers to gain first hand information on market trends and trade opportunities. Apart from showcasing the best potentials of agri-fishery products of region 10 through outdoor exhibits, SUNDAYAG 2009 aims to provide a venue for agribusiness development, appropriate technology updating & policy advocacy.

Several forums and contest on PINAKA, best innovative products and livestock of the region will be conducted during the duration of the activity

Schedule of Activities

August 20 - Ingress
August 21 - Milk Drinking Contest & Parlor Games
August 22 - Corn Husk Demo
August 23 - Tech. Seminar & Video Showing ( Prod., Vermiculture)
August 24 - Opening Program/ Judging of PINAKA Contest
August 25 - Business Opportunities on Pangaseus/Bangus Deboning
August 26 - ROCHE Product Presentation
August 27 - Fighter Wine/Video Film Showing
August 28 - Dog Show, Display of pets, Vet. Clinic & Consultation
August 29 - Coco Sugar/Meat Processing on Goat/Fellowship Night
August 30 - Egress

So if you have some extra time, try to visit SUNDAYAG at Provincial Capitol Grounds. See you there! :))

Having Fun at Vegas

One day we had a small chit chat with my aunt who’s based on California about the show she had just recently watch at Las Vegas. Her boss gave her a Blue Man Group Tickets Las Vegas as a thank you gift for the good services she rendered as Medical Technologist. She then told me that she really enjoyed the show so much that she can’t help but share it with me. Blue Man Group is a cultural phenomenon that has been taking audiences by storm since 1988. With their shiny, blue grease paint, bald heads and black clothing you will surely enjoy and love their performances. Even I, was so thrilled while listening to what she was narrating about the Blue Man Group performances. Oh, how I wish someday I could also visit Las Vegas, but I guess this will always remains a dream. *sigh* :))

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Word Filled Wednesday

Matthew 6:30

And if God cares so wonderfully for flowers that are here today and gone tomorrow, won't He more surely care for you?

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Chat Rooms for Asians

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Increase Your Link Tags

I've got this tag from Phebie of Love's Haven and Enchie of Sweet Nothings. Thanks much friendships for this tag. :))

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from Phebie

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Needs a Freelance Business Consultant?

Just this morning while surfing in the net looking for an interesting post to read, I happen to stumble upon Douglas Kaplan’s personal website. I was intrigue about his site and start reading it.

Well, I found out that Douglas Kaplan is a 30 year old entrepreneur residing in Orlando Florida. He works in advertising and currently a freelance professional working in his private office in Orlando. And now his looking for new clients who are willing to do or engage business development and consulting with him. Doug specializes in many different things that can help your business grow. In fact he has extensive experiences in SEO, radio advertising, internet advertising, telemarketing call centers, lead generation, mortgage and health related companies.

So if you’re looking for an expert consultant that can help you in your business don’t hesitate to contact Douglas Kaplan. He even has this saying that there’s "No job too big or too small for him." Maybe his the answer to all your business needs.

We are the World

This has been a long overdue tag from Tetcha of Pensive Thoughts. Sorry tetch for it took me almost a month before posting it for I almost forgot about this tag. Thank heavens that while cleaning up my office drawer I found out my list of awards and tags to be posted in my blog.

we are the world dollies

*Start Copy Here*

You do not have to be tagged to play along. The game is simple and so are the rules.

1. Copy from *Start Copy Here* through *End Copy Here*

2. Add your site(s) to the list. Just be sure to post at each site you add.

3. Tag as many bloggers as you like so the list keeps on growing.

4. Let me know your blog’s name and url by leaving me a comment HERE. I will add you to the master list.

5. Come back and copy the master list back to your site, often. This process will allow late-comers to get as much link benefit as the first ones in.

We Are The World Bloggers Master List:

1. Emila Yusof 2. The Other Side of Emila 3. Mariuca 4. Mariuca’s Perfume Gallery 5. Meow Diaries 11. Unlisted One 7. Spiff, the Spaceman 8. My Sweet Escape 9. Nota Nurul 10. Life’s Tapestry 11. Spontaneous Insignificancy 12. LadyJava 13. Miss Igorota 14. AnnyBoo 15. Yoon See 16. Jia’s Life 17. Nessa’s Mumblings 18. Also Mommy 19. The Walk of Life 20.Pretty Firefly 21. Untouchable EARTH 22. Baterya 23. Comedy Plus 24. Bain Cardin 25. Strawberry Milkshake 26. Turn-U-Off 27. Jom Heboh Di Sini 28. Notes by Marvic 29. Memoir Mez 30.Origena 31.Walking Newspaper 32. Nurul Aqilah 33. Bluedreamer 34. Breaking the Boundaries 35. Life According to Me 36. A Great Pleasure 37. Time Goes By 38. Kancing itu Butang 39. In my Kitchen 41. Fyzal’s Territory 40. Wiggy’s World 40. A Simple Life 41. A Taxi Ride 42. Single Life of Me 43. Little Bits of Info 44. Ode to Adrienne 45. KMP 46. Mommy’s Little Corner 47. Wondermom 48. Tom’s Place 4 Well Whatever 49. Empty Streets 50. Crafty Heart 51. Phat Wallet 52. AtheAthirahTaha 53. Phat Woman 54. Off The Top Of My Head 55. Simple Happy Life 56. Moore Blog Life 57. Twisted Sister 58. Fickleminded 59. Sweet Nothings 60. Fida Abbot 61.Business Matters 62.5577 Studio 63. Embrace Life 64.KuE 65. Mom’s Special Diary 66. Her and History 67. Survivor: The Reality of My Life 68. Anything under the Sun 69. My Careless Whispers 70. Basic Bloganomics 71. Speedcat Hollydale 72.Housewife@Work 73. Unsolved Mysteries in the World 74. Pensive Thoughts 75.My Wedding Day 76. Blogscope 77. BloggersBase 78. Coffee Creamer & Sugar 79. Verging on 40 80. My Adventures 81. Laine's Abode 82. You’re next!

*End Copy Here*

And now, I'm tagging everyone on my blog roll and to those who's not in my blog list but loves to grab this tag feel free to do so. :)

Chat Rooms for Body Builders

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Childlike Hot Mommas

Who told you only children love and adore Jollibee…hot mommas like us too? Well the picture speaks itself :)) Seeing and posing with Jollibee brings out the child in us.

presenting the hot mommas with Jollibee at the center
from left to write hot momma me, hot momma phebie & hot momma maricel

Monday, August 17, 2009

On Best Web Hosting

These days there are thousands of web hosting companies to choose from and most of them offer wide variety of different accounts and packages. But which one of them is the best among the best, well I guess that is a big question to ask? Choosing a best website hosting provider is not that easy and can also be very confusing and draining. You need to have a lot of patience and perseverance.

Well, worry no more, because if you are looking for a best website hosting services webhostingrating dot com is the solution to all your needs. There site is very helpful for bloggers like us who want to find the best hosting service in the internet. They provide a top ten list of the best web hosting in the internet with reviews, ratings, features and bonus features and more. With their help you can easily choose what is the perfect web hosting for your business or website. They also cater from the best budget hosting to an affordable budget hosting, they all have it there. You can also visit their web hosting articles to learn more about them. So what are you waiting for visit webhostingrating dot com now and see it for yourself.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Photo Flashback #11

Friday Photo Flashback

Today for my Friday Photo Flashback entry I will be sharing with you our Barkada Picture way back 1999.

I miss our barkada outings and gimmicks well, those were the days :) We’ve been close of friends since our college years and up to now. Even though we have our own lives already we still find time to contact each other and go out once in a blue moon. Lol!

Our first ever Barkada Studio Pic

1st row (l-r) Arnel, Friday & Jim
2nd row (l-r) Elvie, yours truly & Rhona

Have a nice weekend everyone!!!

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