Monday, August 31, 2009

Making a Wise Choice

As we all know 2010 Presidential Election is drawing near. And I’m pretty sure some of you have presidential bets and prospects already but some of you are undecided yet. Looking for a good prospect and for a next potential leader to our financially hard up country is so hard. We must really make a wise choice this time. Our country needs our help for its suffering too much already.

As a Mindanaoan Blogger, I myself cannot decide yet until now who among the presidential and vice presidential candidates to vote for this coming 2010 Presidential Election. My knowledge and information is not enough yet. Well, thank heavens that I stumble upon this site Politicalarena dot com. It is an online source that can help me and guide me a lot in deciding who among the 2010 presidential candidates that can be worth voting for this coming election. I even sign up immediately so that I can access on the political forums and join in the opinion poll. They have also political issues to read to in case you miss something in the television news, radio and newspaper. I even participated in the opinion poll. The poll question is “The most important issue in choosing your next President? “ I choose EDUCATION as my answer. is powered by the global network of, an online classified ad portal, and, Asia Pacific’s leading job portal.

And as a Kagay-anon and a Mindanaoan Blogger this site is really a great help to me especially in promoting a best and honest 2010 elections by participating and joining in the forum.

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