Sunday, August 23, 2009

Halloween Costumes

Every year my office mate who’s a remix disc jockey invites me and my son to attend a Halloween Party where he performs. And without any further reasons I do accept his invitation. My son and I find Halloween parties so much fun. We’ve got to met new friends and most of the time we got amaze with the Halloween Costumes they wear. Some halloween costumes looks so funny and others looks so scary. But most of the time I regret what I’m wearing because I only wear a black blouse and a black pants. I only play with my make up and my head accessories. I wear a bunny head band to accessorize my head. Yay! Sounds like I’m out of place huh? Unlike my son I really bought him every year a Halloween costumes for kids. So as early as now I’m planning on what Halloween costume we will wear. I would love to have a Halloween costume for us that are so comfortable to wear on and we’ll both look good. Oooppsss… Doesn’t it too early to talk about Halloween? I guess not. It’s never been too early to plan for a Halloween costume even if Halloween is still three months away. I even read on the Halloween costumes blog that It’s advantageous to plan for a Halloween costume a head of time so when Halloween arrives you’re all set for the party already. And you can really choose well what to wear and can even make it more customize.

Here’s what I plan to wear this coming Halloween but before that my theme for this year's Halloween is a sexy navy girl.

I’m sure I’ll gonna look so sexy with this costume, but can’t wear my bunny head band this time for it doesn’t fit with the costume.

And for my son since he loves army costumes, I choose this air force costume from him. I’m pretty much sure he will surely like this. He will also look so handsome with this costume too.

I am sure our Halloween party this time will be more exciting and fun. :))

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