Friday, May 29, 2009

Empty Blog List

OMG! My blog list were empty . . . waaaaaaaaaa . . .i was really shock and i got panic. right away i inform mommy phebie about it and she told me that, its normal after shifting to a custom domain . waaaaaaaa . . . if i only know it i'll save or copy all my list on my blogroll...

anyways to all my friends in my blog roll list sorry for i did not intentionally do it. i'm still fixing it now. session in progress. lolz! and if i miss you in my blog list kindly inform me please... SORRY again for what have happen . . .:(

Friday Photo Flashback #2

Friday Photo Flashback

This is my kindergarten graduation pictures. OMG! look at my hair . . . its super duper curly and i look like kirara. lolz!The one beside me is my classmate but I don't remember her name anymore.

my mom pinning my most neat and clean ribbon...hahaha

oh what a memory lane flashback . . . can't help smiling while looking at this pictures of mine :)

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Mommy Moments - Haircut

mommy moments

It’s Friday once again…Mommy Moments Time!!!

Today's theme is Haircut Time
and here's my entry :

My son jonjon had his first haircut after his 1st birthday that was January of 2007. He was behaving during his first haircut but he cried for he was afraid of the razor. Then after that, having a haircut is neither a problem nor a challenge to us. In fact he’ll be the one to beg for a haircut if he feels his hair has grown long already.

At first we had a hard time looking for a salon that would cater haircut for kids. Until we discover this salon which is located at SM. Their hair cutters know how to handle kids very well and they have this kiddie toy car that kids will surely enjoy riding as if they’re just playing. And what’s nice about this salon they’re equipment are all clean.

My son's first ever haircut

he was afraid of the razor

His second haircut. same salon and hair cutter. (suki)
he was behaving this time.
his not afraid of the razor anymore

after his haircut...feeling handsome

this was taken recently, just this sunday
but this time we had his haircut at a well known barber shop
we had to wait for almost an hour for our turn

looking handsome with his new hair :)

@ jollibee . . . hungry

shaolin kid eating a jolli sphag :)

by the way. . .sorry for some of the photos were blurred because i'm only using my cellphone in taking these pictures. :))

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Happy Mommy Moments!!!

Switching to a Custom Domain

Yesterday when I’ve learned that my PR was gone I was a little bit sad and insane. Lolz! And I guess maybe its time to buy a new domain so that my blog will be more personalize. And yesterday before the day ends I really did bought a new one. Hahaha. . . what an impulse buyer I am. So to all my friends out there in the blogosphere kindly change the url of my link to your blogroll to

Now, it feels good to have a custom domain and I would like to thank mom's hosting for it and also mommy phebie for helping me.

Please don’t forget to change the url of my link to your blog roll. . . . thanks much.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

My PR is Back to Zero Again

My PR is back to zero again. . .well i guess it's my fault because for this past few weeks i was not able to blog hop and hop and hop like a grasshopper in the blogosphere. lolz! In fact a fellow blogger of mine here in the blogosphere left me a message yesterday on my YM to take care of my PR. and he was really right for just this morning upon opening my site i was shock again for my PR widget indicator was back to zero. anyways i would like to thank daddy totsky of payatot lahat dito chubby for the warning. well, i guess i'll gonna hop and hop and hop again around the blogosphere in order for MR. G to give me back my PR. But with or without a PR my blogging career will still go on for what is important, is i still have my friends here in the blogosphere. :) and i guess this is also a good opportunity for me to make some changes on my blog. . . . .:))

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Non - stop Income

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Word Filled Wednesday

Lord, I choose to thank You
for my weaknesses, my inadequacies,
for my feelings of inferiority and
even my pain and distress.
Your grace is sufficient for me,
for your strength is made
perfect in my weakness.

Hebrews 4:15;2

Happy WFW Everyone! :)

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Longing for a floral fruity scent perfume . . .

I love colognes and perfumes, In fact I have a few collection of it. And mostly my perfume and cologne collections have floral fruity scent because the smell is sweeter and more of a lady. I don’t like those that have a strong scents it makes me sneeze after spraying it or applying it into your body. Especially in men most of their perfumes and colognes have this very strong scent. I love this chrome cologne for men for it has a modern and adventurous fragrance and can be worn in all kinds of occasion. And for women, I like those that are unique or not common floral fruity fragrances. In fact I have this perfume that I am longing to have but can’t afford to buy one for its too expensive. That is the Light Blue perfume by Dolce & Gabana for it has a casual and breezy, sparkling fruity floral scent that evokes the Sicilian summer making it a perfect blend for a hot summer day. So the scent can perfectly suite well even if you’re in an Asian country like here in the Philippines. How I wish someone will give me a light blue perfume as a gift especially that my birthday is coming up soon. :))

Interesting Blog Award

Genejosh of Her & History and Tammy of Anything Under the Sun gave me this award. Thanks so much friendships! I wasn't expecting it that you find my blog interesting to read at . . . hehehe. Anyways, thanks much for considering it as such. . .

Now I am giving this award to Phebie, Enchie, Jes, Pehpot, Princess Sarah, Beth of Mommy Passionista, Beth Moreno of trust.loyalty.bliss, Shelo, Beth of all about elizabeth, Tetcha & Dhemz

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bye Bye Steven & Cindy . . .

Wondering who they are. . . well they're the main character of my favorite Taiwanese telenovela’s Fated to Love You which I was addicted to and won't fail to watch every night. Yesterday night was there finale episode. Waaaaaaaaa…I’ll gonna miss them. Lolz! So no more late night sleep anymore. :))

. . . . bye bye cindy. . . bye bye steven . . . well i'll better grab a DVD copy so i can watch this telenovela over and over again til i'll get tired of watching it . . . :)) lolz!

Having A Small Business

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Run out of words...

well. . . i run out of words and ideas already. . I dunno know what to write anymore. i guess i have to greet everybody who visited my blog a happy and a blessed weekend everyone. and thanks for visiting my blog. :))

Property Management

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I'm Not What They Think I Am

I feel sad and disappointed because mostly guys that I met and be friend of think that I'm longing for a love and not just a simple love but an intimate love. Especially those who knows about my problem and situation. duhhh. . . All I can say to them is I'm not what they think I am. I'm not cheap and I'm not longing for that kind of intimate love. And I'm very much happy with my life. I write this here in my blog for I have a long time friend from college and i respect him a lot but one day we see each other and have a chitchat and exchange cell phone numbers. Then after a few days he text me and telling me things, well never mind what those things are for my blog is wholesome. I was really, really disappointed with him. I never thought his like that. And now he keeps on calling me but I do reject his calls for I don't entertain things like that. I don't like what his doing. I'm not what he thinks I am. :((

A Well Organize Filing System

Our office has so many paper files and my boss asks me to organize all our files from the old ones to the present ones. And I really had a hard time organizing it for I dunno were to start. And I found out that some of the old files were already destroyed or eaten by termites. We had so much file in the office but we don’t have a proper filing system. Perhaps it’s better if we have a database filing system so that it’s more convenient, easy and more organize specially in locating files. And database filing is paperless, so it’s not that cluttered and no need for filing cabinets and a like. And nowadays manual filing is not anymore in, for almost every office uses computerize filing already. So I told my boss about that during our meeting and she ask me to find a good database program that would best fit our filing system specially that our files are all important and must be preserve through time. While looking for a good Database program that can be installed and use for our database filing I came across Database Development. They have lots of software services like Filemaker Pro which can be customize to fit in all your specific needs and Database Services that are very helpful in organizing and reviewing your current information needs. This may consist initial meetings and brainstorming just to come up on your ideal database file but you're surely not gonna regret the outcome. For after that filing will be so easy and more organize.

Friday Photo Flashback #1

Friday Photo Flashback

This is my first time to join Friday Photo Flashback
I've saw this meme from Chris of Mommy Journey and instantly got interested on it.
For I really love to collect photos from pass to present . . .

Well, here's my entry . . .

this is my baby me picture when i was 1 year old.
my first ever studio pic. :))

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Putting your Dream House into Reality

A dear friend of mine is planning to make her dream house come into reality. She already had a house but she want to remodel it into her dream house plan. And now she’s looking and searching for a best house remodeling contractor that can help her remodel and constructs her dream house. She asks help form us her friends as to who and where to hire a good and a reputable remodeling contractor. She wanted a contractor that can really bring and capture what she wants her dream house design would be.

Since she’s my ever dearest friend I did not waste time to help her so I search and look for a good remodeling contractor that really help her. Then I stumble upon Phoenix Remodeling Contractor. They are one of the best contractors ever. They specializes in management your remodeling projects, sell and install windows and doors, build patios, repair and install roofing, brick and block wall construction. They have well trained and professional staff to handle all your construction needs and they are very reliable. And they have this nice promo a 20% off for new customers and a no fee project management. What a nice offer!

Well, I’ll better tell this to my ever dearest friend for surely Phoenix Remodeling Contractor can help her build her dream house into reality.

Mommy Moments - Grandparents Bonding

mommy moments

It’s Friday once again…Mommy Moments Time!!!

Today's theme is Grandparents Bonding Time
and here's my entry :

My mom was the one who's taking care of my son since birth until now thats why they're very close with each other. They spent lots of bonding time together than me and my son. But unfortunately they don't have so many pictures with each other because my mom is a camera shy, she doesn't like to pose in front of the camera. Anyways my son won't call her lola but mamang. :))

aren't they look alike?

eating time . . . :)

mamang and jonjon :))

wondering why my son doesn't have a pic with his grandpa..well mom is a widower already.
So now she's very much single and available. :))

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Happy Mommy Moments!!!

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