Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm Not What They Think I Am

I feel sad and disappointed because mostly guys that I met and be friend of think that I'm longing for a love and not just a simple love but an intimate love. Especially those who knows about my problem and situation. duhhh. . . All I can say to them is I'm not what they think I am. I'm not cheap and I'm not longing for that kind of intimate love. And I'm very much happy with my life. I write this here in my blog for I have a long time friend from college and i respect him a lot but one day we see each other and have a chitchat and exchange cell phone numbers. Then after a few days he text me and telling me things, well never mind what those things are for my blog is wholesome. I was really, really disappointed with him. I never thought his like that. And now he keeps on calling me but I do reject his calls for I don't entertain things like that. I don't like what his doing. I'm not what he thinks I am. :((

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chubskulit said...

Super friendly ka siguro kasi kaya namimisinterpret nila yung frienliness mo..