Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Farewell to my dearest friend . . .

Goodbyes are not forever. . . .

Last May 12, thursday we had a surprised despidida or farewell party to out ever dearest friend Rhona who's leaving for Dubai. We just had a simple dinner at Loretos Restaurant. And we had so much fun and we really did enjoy the night.

Anyways a little background on how our friendship starts, it actually started way back in our college years. We are all a member of a religious organization in the university and there we met each other and became good of friends and the rest is history. . . :))

here are our pictures:

past . . .

"the barkadas"

our flash back pic . . . .hehehe
taken during our college years
upper row (l-r) arnel, jim, & friday
Lower row (l-r) elvie, yours truly & rhona

present . . .

our most recent pic
upper row (l-r) rhona, elvie, yours truly
lower row (l-r) jim, arnel & friday

addition to our barkada is elvie's husband louie
the guy with the eyeglasses

arnel, friday, jim and louie

jim and arnel in their wacky pose

we'll gonna miss you manang. . . take care always.

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