Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Be Vigilant, Protect Yourself Against Posers

Have you ever experience someone’s using or stealing your identity? Well a friend of mind experiences such thing. She was a victim of an identity theft. Identity theft is very common, it occurs when someone uses your identity in a malicious purpose like what happen to my friends. Someone is using her identity, like using her name, her personal information and pictures and post it in the net. When she learns about it she was really angry. She can’t imagine someone is using her name and identity. She feels someone is invading her privacy and she also feels unprotected. Then one day that same friend of mine while strolling in the mall was again victimized by pick pocketer. Her wallet and cell phone were stolen. All her credit cards, atm cards and identification cards were there.

Nowadays you can’t just really trust on someone, you must always be vigilant because you don’t know if somebody will steal your identity like your name and any information about you. They can even steal your pin numbers, or hack your emails or worst they will access your bank and credit card account information. They do everything just to know or get your personal information. You wouldn’t want that to happen to you of course, well good enough that there’s this Lifelock that will help you identify and protect you against posers and identity theft. We must always remember to be always vigilant and have a presence of mind and just don’t give our personal information to anyone.


2sweetnsaxy said...

How sad. :-(

djtammy said...

Hi Laine. Thanks for posting the tag...lab yah..hehehe