Friday, May 29, 2009

Mommy Moments - Haircut

mommy moments

It’s Friday once again…Mommy Moments Time!!!

Today's theme is Haircut Time
and here's my entry :

My son jonjon had his first haircut after his 1st birthday that was January of 2007. He was behaving during his first haircut but he cried for he was afraid of the razor. Then after that, having a haircut is neither a problem nor a challenge to us. In fact he’ll be the one to beg for a haircut if he feels his hair has grown long already.

At first we had a hard time looking for a salon that would cater haircut for kids. Until we discover this salon which is located at SM. Their hair cutters know how to handle kids very well and they have this kiddie toy car that kids will surely enjoy riding as if they’re just playing. And what’s nice about this salon they’re equipment are all clean.

My son's first ever haircut

he was afraid of the razor

His second haircut. same salon and hair cutter. (suki)
he was behaving this time.
his not afraid of the razor anymore

after his haircut...feeling handsome

this was taken recently, just this sunday
but this time we had his haircut at a well known barber shop
we had to wait for almost an hour for our turn

looking handsome with his new hair :)

@ jollibee . . . hungry

shaolin kid eating a jolli sphag :)

by the way. . .sorry for some of the photos were blurred because i'm only using my cellphone in taking these pictures. :))

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Happy Mommy Moments!!!


Chris said...

ang laki na nya! :D cutie!! :D

by the way, you have your own URL address na! am i right ? o ngayon ko lang napansin?

Laine said...

yup i have my own url addy na kasi binawian na naman ako ni mr g ng pr kaya ayon medjo nasad si me ala magawa bumili ng sariling domain. lolz :)

♥-Den said...

another shaolin like haircut :] buti sanay na si Jonjon magpagupit. =)

Genejosh said...

congrats for your new domain...correct ba si ako?he..he..

am sure your kiddo is looking forward for his next haircut...kasi jolli ang punta pagkatapos...

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Heart of Rachel said...

That's a nice haircut. He looks really cool.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Jes said...

wow nung una iyak iyak pa....nung mgs usmunod na eh feel n feel n nya ahahah =)mine is here -

chubskulit said...

Hahahah shaolin pala, gwapo pa rin hehehe.. wala ako sa list mo wahhhhhhhh!

Seiko said...

He's really a grown up baby now he din't even grumbled during his recent hair cut compare to his first cut.And I like the out come of the hair cut clean figure.
Thank you so much Mommy Laine for the visit & leaved a comment as you go & yeah it's my pleasure to add you too in my list.A huge thanks...promise to visit you here constantly...God Bless!

Jona said...

kids really has a phase where they are afraid of hair cuts. i'm glad our kids are passed that already. oh i have another one, my second son who is 18 months.

see my entry too!