Friday, May 8, 2009

Mommy Moments - Happy Mommy Moments

mommy moments

It’s Friday once again…Mommy Moments Time!!!

Today's theme is Happy Mommy Moments.

I really enjoy being a mom.
So me and my son have a lots of happy moments together.
In fact I had a hard time deciding what pictures to post.

So here are some of our happy moments together.

fun time @ the mall

we toke this picture the same from a smart parenting magazine
I guess it was may 2007 issue :)

this was taken inside a bus while going to
our unplanned vacation last holy week
@ Malabang

at our room
i just got home from the office
he then got my celfon inside my bag
and start asking me to take pictures on us. :))

this was taken last saturday after visiting his pedia for a flu vaccine shot

I was not able to make a collage this time for my office computer bug down
and need to be re-format :(

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Happy Mommy Moments!!!


HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL the mommies out there!!! :))

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Chris said...

happy mother's day too! you are blessed :)