Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Quick & Easier Way in Designing A House

My mother wanted to renovate and improve our old house and she had a hard time looking for someone to make a sketch plan for our house. She consulted some of her friends if they can refer her to a good and expert in making house plan but to no avail. She has so many ideas on what she wants to have for the house renovation but don’t know how to draw it. If only I know how then I will be the one to volunteer to make a sketch plan, but then I don’t have the skills and talent in drawing. So I told her to just jot it down what are her plans so that if we can find one she will just then enumerate what she wants or what are her plans.

Until one day I stumble upon this SketchUp site. SketchUp make your sketch plan easier and fast to make. Sound good huh? It’s like making a design in a high tech way. Imagine, in Sketchup you can make anything you can think of. They have wide array of floor and wall designs, door designs, window, room size, and everything that you want for your house you can find it there in. So in less then one day you can make your own model house sketch through SketchuP in no sweat at all. Isn’t it great? It’s like making a model sketch plan in a 3D way. So if you’re planning to have a house improvement and remodeling try SketchUp.

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