Monday, May 4, 2009


This has been a very long overdue post. I just got the CD consisting our pictures from our unplanned reunion last holy thursday april 9. (quite late already right?) It was unplanned that’s why I wasn’t able to bring my digicam with me. Thanks to jim for bringing his digicam and giving each one of us a copy of this said event. Anyways, we were really having fun with my friends’ way back in college. Actually, they're not my classmate we just know and became close of friends with each other because we belong in one of the religious organization in the campus were we serve almost everyday, the xavier university - ateneo de cagayan campus chapel aides. We haven't seen each other for almost a decade now and just this april 9 after the holy thursday mass at the ateneo de Cagayan chapel were we used to serve before, we got the chance to see each other and gather once again and have our unplanned semi reunion. We went to Sugbahan sa Balsa and the food was great.

Here are our pictures :)

our food

sinigang na shrimp

inihaw na pork

adobong pusit and pork bbq


and here we are:

rhona and arnel having fun while waiting for our food to be serve

d lovebirds :)

done eating already :)

ooppsss...friday's haven't done eating yet

our only formal pix
from right
bajo, jongi, rhona, arnel, jim, kim, payang, yours truly & friday

jim & kim

me & payang

after chow gimik time but then
its holy thursday, no night life at all
bars were close :(

last pose before going home.
we really had so much fun then.
dunno know if when we'll gonna meet & gather once again


payatot said...

sarap mag reunion ano? kaya lang di ko pa rin naranasan yan lalo na sa mga klasmeyt ko..di ako nakadalo noong reunion namin..saka sarap ng pagkain..

Genejosh said...

good for u..buti ka pa nkareunion kayo..kami kelan pa kaya..he..he..

anyway, can I tag u? It's here: No.8 tag

Jade said...

Looks like fun! Kainngit!