Friday, May 22, 2009

A Well Organize Filing System

Our office has so many paper files and my boss asks me to organize all our files from the old ones to the present ones. And I really had a hard time organizing it for I dunno were to start. And I found out that some of the old files were already destroyed or eaten by termites. We had so much file in the office but we don’t have a proper filing system. Perhaps it’s better if we have a database filing system so that it’s more convenient, easy and more organize specially in locating files. And database filing is paperless, so it’s not that cluttered and no need for filing cabinets and a like. And nowadays manual filing is not anymore in, for almost every office uses computerize filing already. So I told my boss about that during our meeting and she ask me to find a good database program that would best fit our filing system specially that our files are all important and must be preserve through time. While looking for a good Database program that can be installed and use for our database filing I came across Database Development. They have lots of software services like Filemaker Pro which can be customize to fit in all your specific needs and Database Services that are very helpful in organizing and reviewing your current information needs. This may consist initial meetings and brainstorming just to come up on your ideal database file but you're surely not gonna regret the outcome. For after that filing will be so easy and more organize.

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