Friday, February 27, 2009

Best Mom Award

I've got this beautiful award from Mommy Phebie and Mommy Shelo. Thank you very much mommies. I was so touch by it. And sorry for not posting the award right away for I've been so busy for these past few days. But again thank you so much. *muahh*

God sent children for another purpose

than merely to keep up the race—

to enlarge our hearts; and to make us

unselfish and full of kindly sympathies

and affections; to give our souls higher

aims; to call out all our faculties to

extended enterprise and exertion; and

to sing round our firesides bright faces,

happy smiles and loving, tender hearts.

by Mary Botham Howit

The rules for this award is so simple and here are they:
1. Show the award logo in your post.
2. Pick a picture you have with your kiddo(s).
3. Post should include your best experience as a Mom.
4. Nominate other blogger mom's out there that you consider the best mom, like yourself.

Now, I am nominating my blogger friends who also deserve this kind of award: Mommy Tammy, Mommy Tetcha, and Mommy Beth.

Mommy Momments- Bonding Time

mommy moments

Bonding Moment with my son is so precious with me especially that I’m a working mom. Most of the time I’m in the office so my son is left with my mom his grandma. We don’t have a yaya for his grandma won’t let his 1st and only grandson to be taken care of with someone. Well, a grandmother knows best. So every Saturdays and Sundays and Holidays I’ll always make a point that it will be our bonding time with my son. We go malling, we play together, and we go to church every Sunday. I really make sure that we have a quality time together.

Hey, guys if you're like me who loves to take pictures of your kiddos do join us at Mommy Moments

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Mother's Apprehension

For these past few days I’m not inspired to neither write nor post in my blog. I even don’t do my usual blog hopping and EC dropping for I just don’t feel it. My mind was so pre-occupied with so many things concerning my son’s health.

I’m worried with my son’s lump on his left foot. His complaining that it’s painful and it already affects the way he walks. He keeps on leaping his left foot.

This Lump started if I’m not mistaken when he was still 9 months old. At first we thought that it was just a plain foot callous. By the way, my son learns to walk at an early stage. In fact he uses his walker for only a month. By the age of 1 he can walk on himself already. And that’s the time that we consulted to his pedia about his foot. His pedia told us to monitor its growth and if he won’t complain pain on it, there’s nothing to worry. And if we decided to take it off through operation my son will be sedated with general anesthesia. And its not advisable yet for his too young to go through that process. So from that on we just check his lump from time to time. 3 years had past and he complained nothing about it.

And just this Saturday February 21, he complained about his left foot and told me that “mama akit ako tiil” (mom my foot is aching) pointing to his left foot. At first I thought that he was just joking, so I ask him again if what part of his foot is painful and he kept on pointing his left foot. So I decided to let it check on his pedia last Tuesday, February 24. His pedia check it and refer us to a pedia surgeon but our appointment will be next week yet March 3 for his under medication. His pedia gave us antibiotics for the pain and swelling well subside, for there’s a swelling around the affected area.

I was afraid and worried. I pray that this is just a simple lump on his foot. That there’s nothing to worry about. I have sleepless nights since yesterday and keep on observing his lump. Can’t wait next week so that we’ll know what it is. Hope everything will be fine on his coming check up. Until now his still complaining on his foot and sometimes he does cry when he feels a stabbing pain on it. I feel helpless seeing my son crying as if my heart was squeeze. If only I can take away the pain he feels on his foot. It's really hard seeing my son suffering with pain.

WW - Staying Fit and Healthy

Monday, February 23, 2009

Thoughts Of SAHM Birthday Contest

Mommy blogger Rose of Thoughts of SAHM is hosting a birthday contest since her natal day is fast approaching already.

Here is the contest mechanics:
1.Copy the contest mechanics and prizes in your post.
2.Put the logo in the blog post and in the side bar.
Select from the two logo: (just click HERE for the other logo)


3.Answer the following questions:
a. When is the exact date of my birthday [clue----> March]
b. How old I am.

4. The top 3 who got the right answer are winners which will be announce the following day on my b-day.
5. The contest will end at 12 midnight on my b-day
6. In case, no one got the correct answer at the end of the contestI will let my son pick the 3 winners.

First Prize:
Thoughts of a SAHM - $15
The Artist In Me - $5
DesignsNscrap – blog layout [blogger only]
My Journey – 3,000 ec credits
Celebrate Life – 1,000 ec credits
Chuchie's Hideaway - 1,000 credits
Lynn's Chic Spot - 1000 ec credits
Weblog Designs – 500 ec credits and 1 month add space on the following blog:

Second Prize:
My Daily Thoughts and Moods - $10
A Momma’s Journal - $5
DesignsNscrapL0 – blog layout [blogger only]
My Journey – 2,000 ec credits
Celebrate Life – 1,000 ec credits
Chuchie's Hideaway - 1,000 ec credits
Sweet Temptation - 1000 ec credits
Thoughts of a SAHM – 500 ec credits
Life Expressions – 1 month add space in all her blogs

Third Prize:
My Journey - $ 10
DesignsNscrapL0 – blog layout [blogger]
Thoughts of a SAHM – 2,000
Celebrate Life – 1,000
My Journey - 1,000
My So-called Life - 1000 ec credits
Chuchie's Hideaway - 1,000 credits

My Life Perception’s and Inspiration – fashion watch see link [for US winner only]

Advance Happy Birthday Mommy Rose!!!
Hope my guess is correct and hope I'll win in this contest. hehehe (crossing my fingers here)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Have Nothing to do

I have nothing to do today that I was bored to death so I decided to go to an internet cafe and check my emails, drop on some EC cards and do my usual blog hopping thing. :) The sad thing is I'm not inspired to write something on my blog. waaaaaaaaaaaa..... anyways. . . .

Have a nice weekend everyone ! ! ! :)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Mommy Moments -- Feeding time

mommy moments

This is my first time as a newbie mom blogger to join a meme "Mommy Moments Meme" and first time to show pictures of my son in my blog. I posted few of his pictures in one of my post but not his close up ones. I’m a little bit excited posting this meme and sharing my son’s feeding time moments. By the way have to make a collage of his feeding time pictures for he had a plenty of it. For I can’t help taking pics of my son while eating.

This is my cutie son jon-jon. His so easy to feed for he loves to drink milk when he was still a baby. His not a pure breastfeed baby for after a month of recuperating from a CS section have to go back to work immediately. When he was 6 months old we’ve started giving him baby foods already and he loves it. He eats with much gusto. In fact I can’t remember any hard moments feeding my son as a baby and until now that his a “big baby” already. Big baby for we still consider him our baby in the family. And now his fave foods include jobee spaghetti as what he calls it, chocolate cake, my mom’s pork adobo, and pancit canton. :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009


“There’s a very special garden

where the flowers of friendship grow—

It’s nurtured by the kindness and concern

that goo friends show.

The seedlings are the helpful deeds

that friends so gladly do,

And love and laughter are the showers

that strengthen and renew.

The roots are cherished memories

of good times in the past,

And the buds are tender promises

that friendship’s joys will last.

It’s a place and beauty

where bright new dreams can start—

It’s friendship’s lovely garden,

and it blossoms in the heart.”

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Born Unlucky

I think since birth I am unlucky or I am born unlucky. Life is so unfair with me. Life was never been good to me. My life is not that blessed. I regret almost everything that happened to my Life. The only thing that I never regret is having my son, for his my life and my inspiration right now. Hope he’ll grow up to be a responsible and good person. Sometimes I wanna end up my life. (But I guess that will be the least thing I wanna do.) Everything did not happen as I plan my life to be. I wanted to be taken care of, not me always the one who takes care of everything, of them. (Don’t mind asking who they are, I’m just the breadwinner of our family.) I’m in charge of everything so most of the times I’m financially drought and physically drained. I do get tired sometimes but I guess the people around me are inconsiderate. Sometimes I dunno what to do anymore. It’s really hard. Sometimes I do question God why my life is like this, I know its wrong but I just don’t wanna be hypocrite. (Sorry Lord) I dunno know, I still or many times I wonder why these are all happening in my Life. I just gonna be strong and tough to face all of these. Perhaps these are just trials . . . permanent trials in my life carved in my palm.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cooking Disaster

Last Sunday I tried cooking a macaroons. And it was a disaster.LOL!

I'm not a good cook or I hate cooking. I don't know how to cook and don't have either an interest in learning how to cook. I easily get disappointed and discourage each time they criticize or make comment about how was my recipe or finished product taste like. Perhaps cooking is not my forte. hehehe.... So I dunno know what comes to my mind that I tried for the very first time to cook a macaroons. My officemate told me to just follow all the instructions printed outside the dessicated coconut pack. So I bought all the ingredients, butter, condensed milk, sugar, and the master ingredient -- dessicated coconut. I mixed all the ingredients and put it the macaroons moulder. We don't have an oven so I cooked or baked it in our oven toaster. It was mentioned in the procedure to cooked or baked it for 30 minutes. So i followed the instructions, but waaaa..... it was a disaster I burned my 1st batch of macaroons....hahaha so I was kinda disappointed and decided not to finish what I've started, so my sister came to the rescue. By the way my sister nows how to cook, thank God. She told me to reduce the time or minutes of cooking. hehehe. . . so instead of 30 minutes I'll try 10 minutes. And this time it was not that good but it was kinda palatable already.

I took pictures of my not so called nice or attractive macaroons. . . hehehe kinda shy to share this with you guys :) LOL

my 1st batch and it was a disaster.
This could not be eaten anymore. :(

my second batch of macaroons :) still not that attractive
my 3rd batch of macaroons :) still the same
(gonna scratch mah head for this, it doesn't looks like a macaroons,
it looks like a nuggets. hehehe )

Am really not a cook...

A-Z Tag

Sweet Shelo has tag me. . . thanks Shel! *muah*

A- Attached or Single? – its kinda complicated :)
B- Best Friend? – best friends: Rhona and Dfri
C- Cake or pie? – BOTH :)
D- Day of choice? -Saturday
E- Essential item? – my cellphone & digicam can't live without it.
F- Favorite Color? –yellow
G- Gummy Bears or Worms? – gummy bears
H- Hometown? – City of Golden Friendship – CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY
I- Indulgence? - shopping if I do have a budget, surfing the net and blogging
J- June or July? – June because it’s my birth month…:)
K- Kids? – I only have 1
L- Life is not complete w/o – God, my family and my career (as if I do have a nice career…toink!)
M- Marriage date? – Secret
N- Number of magazine subscriptions – only One – RD Asia
O- Orange or apple? - both
P- Phobias? – I’m a Claustrophobic (fear of enclosed spaces) & Nyctophobic (fear of dark places)
Q- Quotes? – What is essential is invisible to the eye (from my fave book entitled The Little Prince)
R- Reason to smile? My son
S- Season of choice? – summer
T- Tag people -hmmm..can't think of any coz they're been A-Z tag already. So i'll tag ANYONE who interest to
read this. Kinda don't be shy grab or copy this tag on your blog after reading.
U- Unknown fact about me – hmmm..can’t think of any…better keep it to myself.
V- Vegetable? - broccoli & cauliflower (sosyal!) LOL
W- Worst habit? – I always make pat the people beside me if I laugh.
X- Xray or ultrasound? - Ultrasound
Y- Your favorite foods? – hmmm…PIZZA?
Z- Zodiac sign - Gemini


from my thoughts to keep collections. . .

Love is sharing - -

sharing happiness and sorrow,

the blue skies and gray,

the important and everyday

Concerns of life.”

Love brings such joy

to the heart - -

of all life’s pleasures.

Love’s the sweetest part.”

Love changes time-

minutes apart

seem like hours,

and hours together

seem like moments!

But time never changes LOVE.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Cutie Hello Kitty Watch

my new cutie hello kitty watch

Me wearing it :)

Got a cutie hello Kitty watch even though its just a fashion watch not a branded one but its has hello kitty on it, I don' care. :) All I care is the cutie hello kitty icon on it. I'm not a collector of hello kitty stuff but I like hello kitty. I'm one of her fan :)

My New Entrecard Logo

Yepeee! At last I have my new and cutie entrecard logo or icon. After a week of trying to resizing and editing an image that will fit the required size to be uploaded, now I got it right already. Whew! got a little bit nose bleed on this. I like this icon now than before because its more personalize for I got my blog name on it. It can be identified right away. :)

My Heart Shape Valentine Chocolate Lollipop

Hearty Valentine Lollipop

I was surprised this morning for one of my officemate Ate Malou gave us her homemade chocolate heart shape lollipop. Its her pre-valentine gift to each one of us. That’s how thoughtful she is to us, that she slept late last night just to make the lollipop. At first I am tempted not to eat it for I gonna put it in a frame… hahaha, exage! But I love chocolates so much . . . so I consumed it and ask for more...just joking! Its so yummilicious! It just melts in your mouth. :)

Anyways, Ate Malou do accept orders just visit her multiply account its to know more about her chocolate yummilicious lollipop.


It’s wonderful having somebody to love

when the weather is sunny and bright.

Some one to share life’s adventure and joy

when everything’s going just right . . .

But Real Love comes through

on the dark, gloomy days

when the storm clouds take over the sky,

When you can’t see your way

through the problems you face,

no matter hoe deeply you try. . .

Real Love makes tough times

less trouble face,

and it makes every pleasure more fun,

Real Love brings the heart

A fulfillment and peace

That remains through the shadow and sun.

-Christina Lawrence-

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Hey guys check this out especially to all new bloggers like me. This is a great opportunity for us.

While checking and doing my usual Entrecards routine got a message on my message box from voice of bragg and this is his message:

“Hello fellow blogger, I stopped by your site and thought maybe you would like to swap links with me, after adding with the title "Blog Till Death" to your site, message me and I will add yours...have a great day”

After reading his message I got interested and directly check on his link. And bravo! Nice and interesting blog he’d got. I was amazed and overwhelmed reading on his posts. Whew! He got so many interesting and educational posts, like blogging tips and tools. Good thing on his blog is, you can navigate his site faster. And because of that I’ll add Voice of Bragg on my blog list and be one of his followers.

This blog is not just an ordinary blog it has lots of followers or readers for it generates over 20,000 page views per month from over 6,000 unique visitors. Wow! How I wish I’ve got that blog popularity too like Voice Of Bragg. And another nice thing about this site, I’ll get a chance to link with a blog that Ranks: 145,375 in Technorati! Wow Fabulous! I really admire the owner of this blog.

Before I forgot, this blog is also offering a contest. Check it out…Just click it HERE. And for an over all ranking I’ll give Voice Of Bragg a perfect 10. This is really Great!!! Highly recommended.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Not in the Mood

Yes, I'm not in the mood on writing today. I was piss off. . . (sorry for that word) with our internet connection. I always got disconnected. All I did today is dropping an EC. I'm not also feeling well for the past few days. Last Monday and Tuesday I had a severe backache. I feel a stabbing pain at the left portion of my back. I can hardly move my back even turning sideways. And I walk like a robot. All I did is put a salompas on it and take a pain reliever just to lessen the pain. huhuhu...Anyways. . . got to go now before my connection will be disconnected again. I'm not just inspired to write today even to share my thoughts to keep love quotes. :( :( :(

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Love. . .

Love is a feeling of beautiful warmth

one person can bring to your heart,

and a feeling of loneliness

deep down inside

whenever you must be apart.

Love is a feeling of gladness that comes

from the sight of that one happy smile –

a feeling of comfort you have

when you know

there’s somebody there all the while.

Love is a feeling of such special caring

a feeling of magic and fun . . .

a feeling of wonderful oneness

you share

with only that one certain one.”

Monday, February 9, 2009

My Greatest Fear has just arrive. . .

During the last quarter of 2007 my/our family was strucked by an unexpected situation or happening that truly turned or shifted our lives 160 degrees. I thought it was the end of everything already. I was shocked upon knowing it. I did not expect that this will happen to us. But it already happened and the damaged has been done. As if we were hit by storm signal #4. Dreams and lives were shattered into pieces that time. I have no where to run and no one to confide to. I was left all alone trying to find ways on what to do with everything that was happening on us. I'm very, very afraid at that moment, but trying to be tough and strong just to face the situation. Perhaps these are just challenges in life that I had to face.

And then, the hour has arrived for us to go through all the process. And after going through all of it and after waiting for almost a year my Greatest Fear has arrived. . . and its worse than I ever expected . . .

Now, again I'm lost and scared for I dunno what lies ahead of us. I'm lost, I had so many sleepless nights. I wanted to cry but my tears had run out. So I said to myself "Bahala na si batman."

They said if a door closes another door will open. I hope that door will open so soon before its too late. . .

Friday, February 6, 2009

New Theme

As what you've observed I change my theme. . . Yes! and this time its more girlie and should I say nice because its my favorite color yellow. . . Actually I don't like my first theme (sorry cat lovers, I do love cats but its just not my type of theme for my blog) I just can't find a nice theme so I settled for that kinda theme. It's excusable coz I'm a newbie right? Kinda exploring this blogging world yet, sounds defensive. :)

So yesterday while our boss we're on official travel mommy phebie is surfing on the net and found this theme. And offered to overhauled my blog site. Thank you very much mommy phebie for the help. I really owe you a lot already. So now my prob is on my EC Logo. Keep on making and changing my logo on my EC because I want it to be more personalize but to no avail. I always got an error each time I download my new logo. They will always say this to me, Oops... the following errors were encountered: Image: Your image MUST be 125x125 pixels in size. So I keep on resizing may image but still I again to no avail. waaaaaaaa. . . . hayy. . . . maybe one of these days I'll gonna find out how to change and resize my EC Logo. Anyways, I'll better share my proposed new EC card logo that I made. :)

my proposed New EC Logo

Treasured Award

Thanks to Sweet Shelo for this Treasured Ward. It's so nice to received an award like this. Thanks so much my online friend. I will really treasure this award. :)

Let me share this Irish Blessings’ friendship proverb:

May there always be work for your hands to do, may your purse always hold a coin or two. May the sun always shine on your windowpane, may a rainbow be certain to follow each rain. May the hand of a friend always be near you, may God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you.


And now I would like to pass this award to:

and to all those blog hoppers who loves to visit my cutie abode. . . feel free to grab this award. . . :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Love is . . .

LOVE is a special word,

rich with meaning, overflowing

in thought.

LOVE is sharing --
sharing happiness and sorrow,

the blue skies and gray.
LOVE is understanding --
a quiet understanding in which

a thought may not be spoken,

but is understood.

Above all, LOVE is a blessing

a precious gift from GOD.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Thought to Keep Collections

My thoughts to keep collections

Way back in college a friend of mine gave me a thoughts to keep card for a birthday present. I like it so much that I started my collection of Hallmark's Thoughts to Keep Cards. From that on I always make a point that I get a copy of the latest thoughts to keep card every week. And little did I know that I have plenty of it already. And now that I'm blogging I wanted to share some of my thoughts to keep quotes, prayers and passages to everyone. Hope you'll find inspiration and insights upon reading it.


here's another love quote from my collections of thoughts to keep . . . .

LOVE is that certain

strong feeling you get

for a certain incredible someone you’ve met,

a someone you’re certain you never could let out

of your life or your heart

Birthday Greetings for a Hot Mama Blogger

Happy Birthday to the Beautiful Sexy Hot Mama and my blog mentor. . . . .
Mommy Phebie!!!
Wish you good health and happiness in life.
May this birthday be just the beginning of a year filled with happy memories, wonderful moments and shining dreams.
Happy, Happy Birthday Mommy Phebie!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Since it's February, month of Love I decided to post quotes from my collection of thoughts to keep. Here's one of my thoughts to keep collection about love:

Love shows in so many ways,

Those who love will always see it,

It speaks in so many voices,

Those who love will always hear it—

Love is . . . for so many reasons,

Those who love will never ask why.

Monday, February 2, 2009

My Refuge

Each time I feel so stress, depress and down shopping or buying things is my way of releasing it. And that started my addiction of Kamiseta blouses. Even I have a scarcity of funds I still do manage to buy one. Perhaps I felt relief after buying one. Sometimes I don't even wear it. I just hang it in my closet and if I'm done with it. I'll fold it and keep it in my cabinet. Sometimes or should I say almost every week I'll bought one blouse or t-shirt from them. If others, eating is their way of relieving stress and depression mine is different. It's kinda costly but I don't care for I just want to have an outlet on what I feel or else I'll gonna go crazy.This maybe psychological or addiction... that I dunno..I really dunno....All I care is I have an outlet for my depression...and each time I look or take a glimpse on all my kamiseta purchases I'll find refuge on it.

Love takes time....

Love takes time….

Time to give a hug or smile,

To stop and listen for a while,

Time to give support and praise,

To learn and grow in many ways.

Love takes time…

Time to understand and share,

Time to show how much you are,

Time to make sweet memories—

Love takes time for all of these.

-Amanda Bradley-