Thursday, February 12, 2009


Hey guys check this out especially to all new bloggers like me. This is a great opportunity for us.

While checking and doing my usual Entrecards routine got a message on my message box from voice of bragg and this is his message:

“Hello fellow blogger, I stopped by your site and thought maybe you would like to swap links with me, after adding with the title "Blog Till Death" to your site, message me and I will add yours...have a great day”

After reading his message I got interested and directly check on his link. And bravo! Nice and interesting blog he’d got. I was amazed and overwhelmed reading on his posts. Whew! He got so many interesting and educational posts, like blogging tips and tools. Good thing on his blog is, you can navigate his site faster. And because of that I’ll add Voice of Bragg on my blog list and be one of his followers.

This blog is not just an ordinary blog it has lots of followers or readers for it generates over 20,000 page views per month from over 6,000 unique visitors. Wow! How I wish I’ve got that blog popularity too like Voice Of Bragg. And another nice thing about this site, I’ll get a chance to link with a blog that Ranks: 145,375 in Technorati! Wow Fabulous! I really admire the owner of this blog.

Before I forgot, this blog is also offering a contest. Check it out…Just click it HERE. And for an over all ranking I’ll give Voice Of Bragg a perfect 10. This is really Great!!! Highly recommended.

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