Friday, February 13, 2009

My Heart Shape Valentine Chocolate Lollipop

Hearty Valentine Lollipop

I was surprised this morning for one of my officemate Ate Malou gave us her homemade chocolate heart shape lollipop. Its her pre-valentine gift to each one of us. That’s how thoughtful she is to us, that she slept late last night just to make the lollipop. At first I am tempted not to eat it for I gonna put it in a frame… hahaha, exage! But I love chocolates so much . . . so I consumed it and ask for more...just joking! Its so yummilicious! It just melts in your mouth. :)

Anyways, Ate Malou do accept orders just visit her multiply account its to know more about her chocolate yummilicious lollipop.


GAGAY said...

whew! it really does look so yummy!


G said...

from jakarta with love :) happy valentine's day :)