Friday, February 27, 2009

Best Mom Award

I've got this beautiful award from Mommy Phebie and Mommy Shelo. Thank you very much mommies. I was so touch by it. And sorry for not posting the award right away for I've been so busy for these past few days. But again thank you so much. *muahh*

God sent children for another purpose

than merely to keep up the race—

to enlarge our hearts; and to make us

unselfish and full of kindly sympathies

and affections; to give our souls higher

aims; to call out all our faculties to

extended enterprise and exertion; and

to sing round our firesides bright faces,

happy smiles and loving, tender hearts.

by Mary Botham Howit

The rules for this award is so simple and here are they:
1. Show the award logo in your post.
2. Pick a picture you have with your kiddo(s).
3. Post should include your best experience as a Mom.
4. Nominate other blogger mom's out there that you consider the best mom, like yourself.

Now, I am nominating my blogger friends who also deserve this kind of award: Mommy Tammy, Mommy Tetcha, and Mommy Beth.


djtammy said...

Congrats Mommy Laine. How is your son? Thanks for the award. I already have blog it in my oler post..

Check my new post...take care

lunaticg said...

Congratulations for the award received.
See you around.