Monday, February 2, 2009

My Refuge

Each time I feel so stress, depress and down shopping or buying things is my way of releasing it. And that started my addiction of Kamiseta blouses. Even I have a scarcity of funds I still do manage to buy one. Perhaps I felt relief after buying one. Sometimes I don't even wear it. I just hang it in my closet and if I'm done with it. I'll fold it and keep it in my cabinet. Sometimes or should I say almost every week I'll bought one blouse or t-shirt from them. If others, eating is their way of relieving stress and depression mine is different. It's kinda costly but I don't care for I just want to have an outlet on what I feel or else I'll gonna go crazy.This maybe psychological or addiction... that I dunno..I really dunno....All I care is I have an outlet for my depression...and each time I look or take a glimpse on all my kamiseta purchases I'll find refuge on it.

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