Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Born Unlucky

I think since birth I am unlucky or I am born unlucky. Life is so unfair with me. Life was never been good to me. My life is not that blessed. I regret almost everything that happened to my Life. The only thing that I never regret is having my son, for his my life and my inspiration right now. Hope he’ll grow up to be a responsible and good person. Sometimes I wanna end up my life. (But I guess that will be the least thing I wanna do.) Everything did not happen as I plan my life to be. I wanted to be taken care of, not me always the one who takes care of everything, of them. (Don’t mind asking who they are, I’m just the breadwinner of our family.) I’m in charge of everything so most of the times I’m financially drought and physically drained. I do get tired sometimes but I guess the people around me are inconsiderate. Sometimes I dunno what to do anymore. It’s really hard. Sometimes I do question God why my life is like this, I know its wrong but I just don’t wanna be hypocrite. (Sorry Lord) I dunno know, I still or many times I wonder why these are all happening in my Life. I just gonna be strong and tough to face all of these. Perhaps these are just trials . . . permanent trials in my life carved in my palm.


Twinkie said...

Hello Laine, thanks for dropping by my site. I know you just want to keep things real and the greatest gift that is your son makes everything worthwhile. So hang on in there. Blog more. God speed. :)

wyne said...

Hello Laine, I may not know you personally but I feel you have a big heart that is why you want to keep all things straight. Being a bread winner is not easy, I know that because I have been to that before I got married. But you know it does make us stronger and mature. Good to know you have a son your inspiration. Just guide him and in the future he will fulfill your dreams, he will take good care of you. Moreover, God there to protect and guide you. He is not to be blame and questioned what are lives are but remember we live in the last days where critical times are hard to deal with. Just continue to pray, throw your burden to him and you will surely be refreshed.

MommyElvz said...

Hi Laine, thanks for the visit.

All of us have our own cross to carry so you're not alone. Life seems tough at times but try to focus on the bright side of life instead on the negative.

Cast all your cares on Him, He will never leave you nor forsake you. Always remember God loves you and you are His special creation :)