Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cooking Disaster

Last Sunday I tried cooking a macaroons. And it was a disaster.LOL!

I'm not a good cook or I hate cooking. I don't know how to cook and don't have either an interest in learning how to cook. I easily get disappointed and discourage each time they criticize or make comment about how was my recipe or finished product taste like. Perhaps cooking is not my forte. hehehe.... So I dunno know what comes to my mind that I tried for the very first time to cook a macaroons. My officemate told me to just follow all the instructions printed outside the dessicated coconut pack. So I bought all the ingredients, butter, condensed milk, sugar, and the master ingredient -- dessicated coconut. I mixed all the ingredients and put it the macaroons moulder. We don't have an oven so I cooked or baked it in our oven toaster. It was mentioned in the procedure to cooked or baked it for 30 minutes. So i followed the instructions, but waaaa..... it was a disaster I burned my 1st batch of macaroons....hahaha so I was kinda disappointed and decided not to finish what I've started, so my sister came to the rescue. By the way my sister nows how to cook, thank God. She told me to reduce the time or minutes of cooking. hehehe. . . so instead of 30 minutes I'll try 10 minutes. And this time it was not that good but it was kinda palatable already.

I took pictures of my not so called nice or attractive macaroons. . . hehehe kinda shy to share this with you guys :) LOL

my 1st batch and it was a disaster.
This could not be eaten anymore. :(

my second batch of macaroons :) still not that attractive
my 3rd batch of macaroons :) still the same
(gonna scratch mah head for this, it doesn't looks like a macaroons,
it looks like a nuggets. hehehe )

Am really not a cook...


Anonymous said...

Oh dear!
Anyway your macaroons will be have a best test!
Don't give up.

With love

anne said...

Hehehe I think it tastes good still, one of my fave is that hahaha pd pahenge? LOL

zorro said...

one more ingredient you forgot to put inside...hmmm..what is it? start to think? well just think..

payatot said...

parang masarap naman ah...so, wala ka pala hilig sa luto? e bakit mo ginawa? waaaaaaaaaaa

EADotCom said...

It's good that you persisted!