Friday, February 6, 2009

New Theme

As what you've observed I change my theme. . . Yes! and this time its more girlie and should I say nice because its my favorite color yellow. . . Actually I don't like my first theme (sorry cat lovers, I do love cats but its just not my type of theme for my blog) I just can't find a nice theme so I settled for that kinda theme. It's excusable coz I'm a newbie right? Kinda exploring this blogging world yet, sounds defensive. :)

So yesterday while our boss we're on official travel mommy phebie is surfing on the net and found this theme. And offered to overhauled my blog site. Thank you very much mommy phebie for the help. I really owe you a lot already. So now my prob is on my EC Logo. Keep on making and changing my logo on my EC because I want it to be more personalize but to no avail. I always got an error each time I download my new logo. They will always say this to me, Oops... the following errors were encountered: Image: Your image MUST be 125x125 pixels in size. So I keep on resizing may image but still I again to no avail. waaaaaaaa. . . . hayy. . . . maybe one of these days I'll gonna find out how to change and resize my EC Logo. Anyways, I'll better share my proposed new EC card logo that I made. :)

my proposed New EC Logo


Mommy Phebie said...

it's my pleasure to help u mem....nice na imo EC logo...kana na gamita....

sweet_shelo said...

wow love your new theme sis!! nice for phebie to do that for u.. hehe