Thursday, June 10, 2010

blog url change. . .

. . .yup i change my blog url from


and my consequences for changing my url
i lost all my blog list . . .
waaaaaaaaaa. . . :(

been lost in the wilderness....

ahhemmm . . . .yuhoooo . . .im kinda shy . . . toink!

. . . dunno how to start. . .or what am gonna going to write. . . i've been lost for a very long time. . .lost in the wilderness of TAMADISITIS . . . in fact my brains were full of cobwebs and rusts already. . .LOLz!

i really just lost my enthusiasm and interest in the blogging world for quite some or ample of time. . . . and many times i've tried to be back on track but i always lost words, run out of ideas and stories to write. It even came to my mind to delete this blog but something deep inside me keeps telling me not to do so.

so here I am again...struggling to be back from the wilderness of the so called TAMADISITIS. . . struggling to revive back the aliveness of my blog. But this time i change my url's name from which i found badoy to

. . .by the way wondering why i switch back to its because i don't have anymore budget for maintaining my dot com for i don't have any opportunities. hahaha. . .

. . . and to all my blogger friends i'l try my best to visit you one by one for i am very much sure that you can't access my blog anymore. i'll update you guys with my new URL for i already missed you all. . . :)