Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dress Shop or Ruin Shop?

Can’t help but be angry and be mad and be very, very disappointed on what just happened to our office uniform which we entrusted to an emerging/nascent Dress Shop here in Cagayan de Oro which is located at Capistrano – Kalambagohan Street with a business name of “Maison de Mode” .

Every year we change our office uniform. Committees were form for our office uniform for them to be in charged in the design, color of the cloth and to find good tailor, tailoring shop to do and sew our uniform which we’ll be going to wear for one (1) year. After a week of meetings and canvassing for everything they got two tailoring/dress shops to choose from. They have Mario Manantala our old tailor and Maison de Mode owned by Xerxes Maghanoy as our contact tailors and designers.

Maison de Mode (Xerxes Maghanoy) is a newbie in dress shop business. We’ve known him (Xerxes Maghanoy) for his father is our co-worker, in fact his father is our Regional Technical Director in the office before he was assigned to the other Region. Maison de Mode was the one contracted to design and do the office choir uniform and it was good as expected. And that earned his trust here at the office.

I still remember a month ago when Mason de Mode (Xerxes Maghanoy) together with his staff got our measurements here at the office for our office uniform. It was then so smooth and everything is in order.

A week before wearing our uniform that was last week of June then, we contacted Maison de Mode (Xerxes Maghanoy) about our uniform so that we can fit it and if ever there will be some alterations he can still have time to fix it. But we haven’t heard anything from him at all, he won’t even reply our text messages, his dress shop is always close. One day his secretary in the name of Noli texted us that some of the uniform are ready for pick up already. He even texted me this message on June 30 1:27pm, which I quote:

“good pm po! Mag start mi ug distribute tomorrow…Magtxt lng mi as soon as ready na. Thanks and pls be guided accordingly..”

On July 1, we went to his shop, but again it was close, he then texted one of our officemate that they will be available, Xerxes Maghanoy & He (Noli) on Sunday July 2. We came again on Sunday, but only Noli was there no Xerxes Maghanoy at all. I even gave Noli a down payment worth 650 pesos and he issued me an OR. There were two (2) blouses done but the result was bad as in very bad….bad because it was not sewn well, it was not “pirma” pressed and it was so dirty. It is like an amateur or should I say a practicing dressmaker sews it. What his dressmaker done to our cloth was a waste, a total waste!!! They ruined everything, from the cutting to the sewing itself.

What was then so disappointing is that Xerxes Maghanoy didn’t even dare to explain to us what have just happen. He can’t even be reach by phone or text. Am just wondering then, what does he think of our uniform, a trash or just a mere cloth for a practicing dressmaker? I can’t help but be angry of what he has done. I demand for a total refund of my down payment so as payment for all the damages he has done.

If my other officemates won’t take any action because they’re afraid that what Xerxes Maghanoy done can put shame into his father’s name, well I don’t care. They are two different entities. Maison de Mode – Xerxes Maghanoy should be responsible enough to face us all and explain to us everything and should be accountable for everything.

Pictures below are finish product of Maison de Mode.....



now tell me can you call those things uniform??? aren't the owner of Maison de Mode ashame of his finish products are? i really need an explanation for everything!!!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Running is Passion....

I've been jogging and running  for almost a year first it was hard, but then i did not give up until  I begin to love running and then it becomes my passion...:) :) It's so good to sweat out and let your toxic out through perspiration. Even read an article that jogging is good for your health and regular jogging can increase longevity and can make you younger. For me jogging and running can relieve all my stresses in the office. Well, anyways enough of that...gonna share you some of my pictures  joining fun run...:)

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

been away for soooo long....

being away in the blogging world for such a long, long while makes me disoriented. as if i'm a newbie blogger again. i dunno where to go, in fact i had a hard time logging in my blog because i forgot my password...(tsk...tsk..tsk...) i can't even access my blog for keeps me from accessing it..its says url come for am using blogspot. i spent almost half day figuring it out how to reclaim my site url until i tried changing my url name again for the 3rd time...from to whew! hope won't prevent me from accessing my new site url for it really gets me crazy. again the consequences of changing my url name is losing all my blog roll list...i guess this means i have to start all over again...haist.....well, that's my purpose then, i want to start all over again. hope as i will visit some of my friends here in the blogging world they will still remember me. :) :) :)