Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Year that was . . .

The year that was 2009 was full of special memories to me…both good and bad..some are worth to be treasured and some must be left unsaid or better buried 10 feet below the ground…lolz This post is kinda late already….but who cares…lolz…

Anyways, in 2009 I got to discover and learn the world of blogging, thanks to Mommy Phebie of Loves Haven for that. I was able to express my thoughts, rants and opinions through blogging even if I’m not good in English but still I tried my best. Hahaha… At first my blog is exclusively for personal blogging only but as time pass by I’ve learned that blogging can also be a source of extra income. And so I begin accepting and writing paid post. I also gained friends from blogging. Got to met moms like me in the blogosphere and got to share mommy moments like tips and experiences of being a mom and a wife. To make the long story short I enjoy blogging a lot. Until tamadisitis struck me by the end of the year, December that was. (bad…bad..bad…) I lost so many opportunities and have not updated my blog for quite sometime. I am then thinking, what’s happening with me….hmmmm….I just wanna be silent for a while and was trying to look back and recall all the events that had happened to me last 2009. And as I was trying to recall all of those memories I can’t comprehend how did I able to survive all those stuff…maybe perhaps the bucket of tears that I shed helps and the support of all my true friends (take note the TRUE ones not the plastic ones) also helps a lot...whew! do I sound dramatic here…hahaha….well, enough of those dramas. :)

Hope 2010 has a lot of good things to offer to me. I’m already tired of heartaches and bad memories….ooppsss do I still sounds so dramatic here….hahahaha

I also hope that I could overcome this TAMADISITIS that I am experiencing for quite sometime now.. . .

Friday, February 12, 2010

Solar Energy Improves Lives. . .

Many times I’ve heard and read about solar energy in the Philippines but far did I know that some of the provinces were already using it as their source of electricity. Indeed solar energy is a great help nowadays especially to those places or provinces that suffers brown outs and scheduled power interruption for the purpose of conserving energy supply.

If you’re like me who’s not familiar with this solar energy all you need to have is this so called home solar kit. And below is an illustration on how does this gadget work and looks like.

. . . of course it needs to be attached at the roof top

Solar Energy will really help improve the lives of many filipinos especially those in the remote areas. Like what Visayas is experiencing right now they have this scheduled power interruptions that can really hinder businesses and other day to day lives of those affected areas. It is really the solution to their unstable source of electricity needs. For having a stable source of electricity is not only a vital part of our country’s success but also it gives anyone a chance to live a decent lifestyle.

educating the people of the solar energy advantages

ADTEL installing the solar energy disc

And now with ADTEL’s effort this chance to live a decent lifestyle to those people in the remote areas will slowly come into reality. What’s good also with this adtel’s solar energy is its more convenient and economical. So it’s very advantageous to all of us. Hopefully someday this solar energy will soon be enjoyed through out the country.