Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ways to Reduce Stress

While I was keeping away my old magazines inside my topsy-turvy cabinet I came across an article about ways in reducing stress. And since I don't know and i don't have any idea what to write on my blog yet. I decided to share this article to my avid readers if there still! :) Well, here are the ways to reduce stress. . .

1. Be aware of stressful situations in your life.

2. Take steps to reduce the causes of harmful stress.

3. Find a stress reduction technique that you enjoy and stick with it.

4. Try and get some regular exercise such as walking, swimming or whatever appeals to you. This promotes the release of natural soothing chemicals in your body.

5. Do something you enjoy or find satisfying like gardening, watching movies or anything that it satisfy you.

6. Set time aside for yourself for relaxation and recreation.

7. Consider meditating perhaps with soothing music in the background.

8. Learn how to release stress and tension through deep breathing techniques.

9. Eat right. Exclude foods that are unhealthy. Watch the use if alcohol, caffeine, drugs and tobacco.

Hope these tips help in relieving one's stress feeling.

Monday, January 25, 2010

run out of words and motivation to blog. . .

I run out of words, thoughts and ideas on what to write and share on my blog for these past few days or should i say weeks. It started last December of the previous year til now.I am also not motivated to blog. I dunno for what reason . . . my brains were not functioning well i guess, and duhhhh. . . have nothing to write. . . Many times i tried to write something that I have so many drafts left unpublished. I missed all my blogging friends, I missed visiting their blogs. I missed all my opportunities if there's any but sad to say I don't have any. huhuhu....haven't gotten back my Page Rank til now with this domain of mine but if I'm going to switch back with my blogspot which is it has still its PR 2. Well, i guess i have to switch back, though soon. I guess all of these things are product of my TAMADisities syndrome. . . have to get out of this certain syndrome and be back for good on the blogosphere. . . .hope my blogging friends are still there to welcome me back. . . drama huh?! :) mishu all. . .

Friday, January 1, 2010

Am Lost....Now am Back...

GOSHHHHH!!!! I was lost for quite last post was even dated december 14 of last year....waaaaaaaaaaa.....what happening with me???.....Well i just got so busy for the past few days and I lost my interest in blogging for quite sometime too....and i was hooked up with facebook....tsk..tsk..tsk....but now am trying to GET BACK and BE ACTIVE again in the BLOGGING WORLD....I MISS MY BLOG so much.... and before I forget . . . HAPPY 2010 everyone. . .

AM BACK. . . . . :)