Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I am cleaning up my files in my drawer today, kinda 5s thing and I saw this article or poem. I find it nice so it give me an idea to share it and post it here in my blog. :)

I knelt to pray

But not for long

I had too much to do

Must hurry off and get to work

For bills would soon be due

And so I said a hurried prayer

Jumped up from off my knees

My Christian duty was done

My soul could be at ease.

All through the day I had no time

To speak a word of cheer

No time to speak of Christ to friends,

They’d laugh at me I feared

No time… no time… too much to do

That was my constant cry.

No time to give those in need.

At last it was time to die,

And when before the Lord I came,

I stood with downcast eyes.

Within His hand He held a book,

It was the book of life.

He looked into the book and said,

Your Name I cannot find.

I was going to write it down

But never found the time.


djtammy said...

How sad :-( I admit, I seldom visit the church. I just hope Lord God wont forget my name in his list.

Clarissa said...

Thanks for posting! I was enlighted! ^_^ I was about to forget my time and my duties.

sweet_shelo said...

Very encouraging sis.. We should set the Lord the preeminence in our being. Having Him as the topmost priority and not just a chance grab out of a busy day.. Thank you sis for this reminder..