Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sleepless Nights

Since I can't write down on my blog what happened last week I just jot it down in my cutie notebook what take place last friday night til yesterday, monday. And now I have the time to transcribe it here in my blog. Here's what happen:

Sleepless Night 01 (March 20, Friday)

My son has a fever and he keeps on complaining that his throat hurts. I suspect that he has tonsillitis. I’m planning to take him tomorrow morning to his pedia for a check up. I could not sleep for his so restless and he has a fever. I keep monitoring his fever. It reaches 38.9 degree Celsius. I already gave him calpol but the fever did not subside. I’m worried, I really can’t sleep. Hope his fever will subside later.

Own Itinerary (March 21 – Saturday)

We go to see his pedia today for a check up and my suspicion was right, my son has tonsillitis. His pedia gave him an antibiotic….waaaa the antibiotic is quite expensive but never mind it’s for his health anyways. After our check up we went to Jollibee to eat then we went to a pharmacy to buy his med. After buying med my son requested for a haircut I insisted at first but he keep on pleading so I gave up and granted his request. After all he had a long hair already. So we went to the barbershop. He was then so happy after the haircut. After their I thought that may son would go home he then requested to go to the “lolo manghihilot” (quack doctor) so again I granted his request. We went to “lolo manghihilot’s” house. When we were there we found out that lolo manghihilot pass away last February 14 due to heart attacked. May his soul rest in peace. Fortunately his wife followed his footsteps thus my son was handled by “lola manghihilot” this time. After there, my son again requested that we will go to the supermarket to buy fish. Again I granted his request, we went to the supermarket and bought some fish then went home. While recalling today’s event I was so amazed for my son has his own itinerary. Perhaps he plan it already while we’re still at the hospital for he really knows were to go next.

Sleepless Night 02

Tonight we rush my son at the hospital at about 11:00pm for a follow up check up. We found rashes on his feet, dotted red rashes. And he has still a high fever, it reaches 39.3 degree Celsius. I was worried and alarm because of the rashes. Usually if you have high fever and rashes occur it might be a symptoms of Dengue Fever. (hope its’ not) I just want to make sure that it’s not serious so we requested a CBC. We waited for 30 minutes for the result. After an hour of waiting the result was ready. I’m a little bit afraid, hoping that it’s not dengue. The resident physician read the CBC result. And told us that everything is normal, there’s nothing to worry about. I was relieved…thank God for it. So we went home by 12:30am. Hope everything will be fine today…I feel so stress out already…

Sleepless Night 03 (March 22, Sunday)

I still have a sleepless night for my son is so restless. And this time he keeps on complaining on his lu-as (canker sores). He won't drink milk and eat food for it's so painful. He keeps on crying and he always want to be cuddled. He wants me to carry him and his so heavy, his 40 lbs already. waaaaaaa...my back is aching but i don't have a choice. I feel so helpless for I don't know what to do. I want to ease his pain, but i dunno how. He doesn't have a med for his canker sores. He always has it, i dunno why, whats the cause. They say maybe it's lack of Vit. C but his always taking it everyday. He won't miss taking his chewable vit. C. Maybe it's hereditary. I kept on complaining that to his pedia but his pedia won't prescribe a med for it. She (his pedia) would always told me that there's no med for canker sore. :((hayyy..... Hope his canker sores will heal soon so he can sleep well at night and gain back his apetite. I'm still searching what med to give or good for canker sores and if theres a medicine for it. :((


payatot said...

hi mommy laine, naku pareho tayo ng lagay ngayon kase kanina lang tanghali e dapat dadalahin ko ang anak ko sa pedia kaya lang wala sya sa clinic at bukas pa daw 9am..lagnat din ito kaya ang hirap..ang inuna ko e yung tsek ng ihi nya at crea, dahil may history sya ng impeksyon at natatakot ako na baka kung ano na..pabalik balik anglagnat kaya bukas, punta kami ng doktor nito..gastos pero wala tayo magagawa di ba? kalusugan nila ang nakataya at buhay..

anne said...

laine i hope I am not late yet of posting this comment ang nephew ko may canker sores din and eto lang yung binili ng mama nia its a cream Miconazole Daktarin ipahid mo lang doon sa infected na area. yun lang, if nd talaga tatalab u have to let him check again for his canker sores kasi may iba ibang level yan eh... take care always. I really woke up my sister to give me the name of the cream hehehe

sweet_shelo said...

Hi sis, I feel so sorry and sad hearing about ur son. But sana okay na cya sis. I truly pray na okay na cya.

But alam mo natutuwa ako nung may sarili cya itinerary.. hehe , haircut pa ha, seldom lang sa age nya na yan mag request ng haircut ah.. Your boy must be so advanced in thinking.. hehe

Love you sis..mhuahh

By the way may award ko sa imo here:

Mys said...

hay...hirap talaga if your child is sick. what is canker sores? not familiar with it eh.

Dr. Lauren said...

Just letting you know that if you have some ads or pop ups on here they are seriously infected with viruses. When I opened your site my computer started to crash. Really bad, check into it.

Dinah said...

hang in there mommy, he will be a lot better soon :-)

Clarissa said...

ang hirap talaga pag may sakit ang anak natin noh?
I hope your kid will feel better!Get well soon!!!

Laine's Cutie Abode said...

salamat po sa lahat ng nag comment. sowe di ako naka reply agad and naka visit sa mga site ninyo. I'm so bz sa wrk tos absent ako for two days. :( waaaaaaaaa

thanks very much. try ko mamaya after ofc hanap ng Miconzole Daktarin cream kasi til now d pa na heal canker sores ng anak ni me. thanks very much talaga anne :)

basta sa lahat ng ng comment thanks for your concerns. I really appreciate it a lot. :))babawi ako pag di na si me bz.

God Bless all :)