Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Surprise Visit

I was flabbergasted by an unexpected visitor. My ever dearest friend since college, Rhona, whom I haven’t seen for almost two years, for she works in other country visited me here at the office. I wasn’t expecting her. I know she’s coming home for she left me a message in my YM that’s she’s going home anytime soon. But I was shocked for her soon was sooner than I expected. We chatted for almost an hour good enough that I’m not busy or else my boss well reprimand me. We’re like sisters, we know each other very well. When she left for Dubai to work I felt so sad but at the same time happy. I was happy because she’ll go there to work and fulfill her dreams. And feel sad because I’ll gonna miss her and I have no one to talk to, to confide to anymore. Now she’s back, she’s here for a one month vacation. We’re planning to have a get together. Hopefully our plans will pursue for we all have our busy schedules. I’m excited and looking forward for our get together for it’s been a long while since we go out.

Rhona and I
year 1998
after attending a wedding ceremony as a choir singers
those were the days...:))

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payatot said...

ano pa ba ang masasabi ko? good luck sa inyong dalawa dahil masarap naman talagang magkita ulit ang magkaibigan...