Monday, March 9, 2009

The Lump on my Son's Foot

My son's affected foot

I made a post before regarding on my son’s lump on his left foot behind his little toe, and here's the update to that post:

Last March 3, Tuesday we had an appointment with his pedia surgeon. This was his very first check up with a pedia surgeon and as a mom I was afraid and terrified. Imagine from the name itself pediatric surgeon, meaning it deals with surgery. I guess all of you mothers out there can relate to this especially if it’s regarding your kiddo’s health. So the time has come, we went to Dra. Tagayuna’s clinic his pedia surgeon. My son was not afraid, haven't seen any fear on his face. In fact I’m the one who’s so afraid for the result or outcome of the check up. So the pedia check it out. She examines it carefully and she told me that this has nothing to worry about. It was just a foot corn or a callous. It was already thickened and that causes the pain. She also told me that it’s not advisable to operate it for my son’s to young to be sedated with general anesthesia. She’s afraid with the complications that general anesthesia may cause. I was so relieved after his pedia’s explanations. Thank God for it’s not a serious lump. I can now sleep tightly at night and have a peace of mind. She only prescribes a corn plaster and paracetamol as pain reliever if my son would complain for pains.

By the way I do some research about corn and calluses and here’s what I’ve learned from

A corn is a small, painful, raised bump on the outer skin layer. A callus is a rough, thickened patch of skin.

Corns usually appear on non-weight-bearing areas like the outside of the little toe or the tops of other toes. Women have corns more often than men, probably because women wear high-heeled shoes and other shoes that do not fit properly. Corns have hard cores shaped like inverted pyramids. Sharp pain occurs whenever downward pressure is applied, and a dull ache may be felt at other times.

Calluses occur most often on the heels and balls of the feet, the knees, and the palms of the hands. However, they can develop on any part of the body that is subject to repeated pressure or irritation. Calluses are usually more than an inch wide--larger than corns. They generally don't hurt unless pressure is applied.

A hard corn is a compact lump with a thick core. Hard corns usually form on the tops of the toes, on the outside of the little toe, or on the sole of the foot.

A soft corn is a small, inflamed patch of skin with a smooth center. Soft corns usually appear between the toes.

A seed corn is the least common type of corn. Occurring only on the heel or ball of the foot, a seed corn consists of a circle of stiff skin surrounding a plug of cholesterol.

ooops...before I forget thank you very much for all your concerns and prayers. I really appreciate it so much. God Bless you all. :) :) :)


anne said...

thats good to hear girl, prayers indeed really work

sweet_shelo said...

Thank you Lord that it is not a serious lump. the Lord really takes care of all His children.. He will be okay sis.. It is a pain to see our loves not okay, but we Know our Lord is Faithful..

Clarissa said...

that was good news-- I'm glad that he's okay now.^_^

Anthony said...

I have the EXACT same thing, im 14 and its amazingly painful when you walk sometimes. not something i would like to keep.. but its not going away. im gonna try lotion on my feet than puting socks on. to keep my feet moiste.