Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rich in Awards!

I was surprised this morning when Fe a new blogger friend left a message in my message board that she got an award for me.When I check it out on her site this is what I found a Rich in Awards. Thanks so much Fe for including me in your list for this award. How thoughtful of you.

Here are the awards!

Name 7 things that you love then pass this onto 7 other bloggers

1. My Savior - Lord Jesus Christ
2. My son - Jon-jon
3. My mother
4. My sister
5. My cousins
6. My friends
7. and my fellow bloggers who keep visiting my blog

Now I want to pass this to:
Clarrisa, Shelo, Beth, Tammy, Tetcha, Sudhersana, sweetytots


Sudha said...

WOW !!! Laine, thank you so much!!! the funny thing is I just saw these awards in one of the blogs and thought OMG how beautiful these awards are!!! then thought ok this will take a round and will reach me also sometime soon lol;)but did not even had a clue I will get this tday frm you..love u Laine :) will post this ASAP I'm copying the images right now :P

djtammy said...

yehey ;-) Thank you so much Mommy Laine. You never forget me in your list :-)

Clarissa said...

thanks for the thoughts,Laine!!This is my first time to receive from you.I'll post them soon!!

have a nice day!^_^

sweet_shelo said...

hehe. thanks Laine.. naunhan ko nimo.. ako pud na g award nimo.. mhuahh

payatot said...

gaganda naman ng mga awards mo tita laine!!! dumarami ang mga prends ha?

Becca Cosmetics said...

Congrats on your awards.


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Elizabeth said...

thanks for this, i posted this already, add ko ung name mo ha? thanks so much for this Laine! :)