Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lights Off

I was still at the CDO Divisoria when the countdown begins to turn off the lights for the Earth Hour Celebration so I decided to watch and wait for it, only seconds left for the event to officially start. When the clock hits at exactly 8:30pm streets lights where turn off, it was night cafĂ© then, so stall owners did also participate they just lit a candle so as business as usual. Some not all of the establishments turn off their lights too. Unfortunately, food chains, pharmacies and 24hrs convenient stores around divisoria premises did not partake in the event, maybe because they cater many customers that time. I feel a little bit sad and disappointed seeing some establishment not cooperating in the said event. It’s only an hour of turning the lights off it would not take too much of their time, I’m sure it could not acquire big lost in their businesses. Anyways, there’s a short program at the kiosk while waiting for one hour. The kiosk was lighted with torch and they have cultural presentations about nature and environmental songs. Unfortunately I was not able to bring with me my digicam so I used my cellphone camera and it was not a good and clear shot, though. Here’s what I’ve got:

When I arrived home my mom, sis and tot also take part in the Lights Off. Our house was in total darkness. They were seated outside our patio. And some of our neighbors participated too. It’s a nice feeling that even this is just a little deed or act we help conserve energy and save mother earth. ‘Til next year's Earth Hour Celebration. Hope next time everybody will cooperate and participate for it’s not only for our own good but it’s for the good of all. It’s for our Mother Earth.
These were taken at our house.

Conserve Energy, Save Mother Earth!!!

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Marites said...

we participted in Earth Hour too and it's really cool! :)