Monday, March 9, 2009

Double Time

I need to work double time. I have some overdue postings to be made like tags and awards and have to do some follow up posts on one of my post about my son’s light health problem regarding on his left foot. Many have commented on that post of mine and asking about how’s my son. Well, thank you very much for leaving a comment and for the prayers and concerns. I promised to do a follow up post on that.

I also want to apologize to those who gave me awards and tags which until now I haven’t posted, don’t worry guys for I made a list of those tags and awards. I’m just as busy as a bee for these past few days. Anyways thank you for adding me to your list of award and tag recipients. I just can’t update also my blog most of the time for I don’t have my own computer both at the office and at home. Well, I used to have my own at the office before for my boss let me lend her laptop but she get it already so I have no choice to wait for my officemates for their work to be done before I can used their computer. Well, that’s life. I’m wishing that someday I can afford to buy my own personal computer and internet connection so that even at home I can blog. (hayyy…enough to all my dramas.) lolz. But in spite of not having my own computer both at the office and at home I’m still thankful for I can still find time to blog after and during office (shhhh….) and my officemates are generous enough to let me use their computer.

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