Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sex Determination Chart

One day Clarissa of Kizuna my friend here in blogosphere left me a message on my cbox asking me this question “tinanong ko rin si Elizabeth nito eh: pano nyo ba ginawa ang baby boy nyo” ( I also asked Elizabeth this same question, how did you make your baby boy?) So I answered Clarissa that I dunno, it just came out after my ultrasound result that I’m having a baby boy. All I care at that time was to have a healthy baby whether a girl or a boy.

Then, suddenly I remember an officemate of mine mention once about a chart on how to determine the sex of your baby. That by using or following this chart you can choose in advance whether you want to have a baby boy or girl you’ll just have to follow the chart. It’s called a Sex Determination Chart. In this chart you can see the woman’s age from 18 to 45 years old on the top line. While in the left side is the month from January to December. The months indicate when the baby is conceived. They say that this chart has been taken from a royal tomb near peking china, the original copy is kept in the institute of science of peking. The accuracy of the chart has been proven by thousands of people and believed to be 99% accurate.

Maybe this is true because when I check it out in the chart, it was exact, I conceived my baby when I was 27 years old that was April at that time and I'm due by December, the result was M -- Male, maybe that's why I do have a baby boy. I dunno, Clar just try it out. Anyways there's no harm in trying. :)) And sorry for my chart is blurry.


payatot said...

dati meron din nyan ang wifey ko, pero siguro ang mas mahalaga ay yung healthy ang anak mong lumabas di ba? kaya lang kung naghahanap ka nga ng isang baby boy at kung paano sya gawin e di subukan na rin, malay mo nga at totoo pala ito...

Clarissa said...

hahhaaa!thanks for searching this for me!!We've been planning to have another baby next to Haruka since last year but I guess we're just unlucky.At first I was stressed for not being preggy whenever I got delayed PMS but I'm ok now.If there's a chance that another child will be born next to Haruka,it'll be good.whether a boy or a boy!!^_^