Monday, March 30, 2009


Summer Season is here. Summer outing at the beach or at the pool or even just at home with your inflatable pool is so in. But we parents should be very careful and vigilant with our tots. Never leave them alone near a body of water. Constant supervision is what we need most in ensuring their safety in an enclosed or open water.

Here are some tips which I've read from one of a parenting magz and found it useful and helpful so I posted here in my blog to share:

1.Always check for a lifeguard on duty.

2.Warm up and do simple stretching to avoid muscle cramps while swimming.

3.If a parent needs to be away from the water even for just a few minutes, he she should assign "swim buddies" for the kids. This way, kids will have someone to holler for help at the first sign of danger.

4.Don’t let kids chew gum or eat while swimming. Anything put inside the mouth obstruct the airway.

5.Night swimming is not advisable for very young kids.

6.Take your kids for frequent bathroom breaks while swimming and teach them to never swallow the water.

7.Always have age-appropriate floatation devices for each of your kids.

8.Don’t let children swim and dive without ensuring that the depth is safe enough for your child.

9.Do not solely rely on an inflatable toy as lifesaver.

10.To prevent ear infections, dry the infant’s or child’s ears carefully after he or she has stayed in the water for more than 30 minutes.

11.If an infant is shivering or her lips are turning blue, remove the baby immediately from the water, pat dry, and keep her wrapped in a towel to avoid hypothermia.

12.After swimming, wash your children with mild soap and shampoo to remove pool chemicals or potentially harmful microorganisms from the ocean.

13.Give your child an extra layer of defense against drowning and water accidents by enrolling him or her in swimming lessons. Younger kids can also be taught survival swimming, which is especially important for families who have pools at home.


shelo's garden said...

This is a very good tip sis, lalo na summer na summer tau..

Clarissa said...

summer na summer na talaga dyan!!dito spring pa lang!!\(^0^)/