Friday, May 29, 2009

Switching to a Custom Domain

Yesterday when I’ve learned that my PR was gone I was a little bit sad and insane. Lolz! And I guess maybe its time to buy a new domain so that my blog will be more personalize. And yesterday before the day ends I really did bought a new one. Hahaha. . . what an impulse buyer I am. So to all my friends out there in the blogosphere kindly change the url of my link to your blogroll to

Now, it feels good to have a custom domain and I would like to thank mom's hosting for it and also mommy phebie for helping me.

Please don’t forget to change the url of my link to your blog roll. . . . thanks much.


Happy Thoughts said...

Congratulations on your new domain and I hope you get your PR back. :)

sweet_shelo said...

congrats on your new domain sis!!! It's already updated on my list. Ha aha , mao sad na ako buhat sa una , palit daun domain tungod sa PR.. hehe

Mommy Phebie said...

ur always welcome mem...wa man nmo apila c ojoj of Desires and Pleasures...hahhahahha