Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tips on how to let Kids Love Reading

I love to read books and magazine, I inherited it from my mom who loves to read too. When I was a little kid I always saw my mom reading paperbacks books in fact she has so many collections of it. Then when I was in elementary I too started reading books then that’s the start of my interest in reading. Now that I’m a mom I want my son to have an enthusiasm in reading too, so every night before going to sleep I read him a book and he loves to listen to it very much. I hope that when he grows up he will also learns to love reading for reading really helps a lot in broadening your knowledge.

Here are some tips to let your kids love reading:

1. Start from the womb. Its proven fact that just like playing sounds to the womb, reading books to the unborn baby develops a familiarization with the mother's voice and simple words.

2. Set a schedule. Bedtime reading is more of an emotional bonding between parent and child. Aside from it, you should set a time for reading to learn and another time for exercises in workbooks.

3. Invest in reading materials. We usually depend on hand-me-down books saying that kids would outgrow them quickly, but having a diverse repertoire of books at home get kids used to the idea (and the smell) of books.

4. Be Patient. Kids between two to four years old are at their peak of learning so don't expect them to get it right the first time. Recognize what they are capable of and helpfully correct their errors.

5. Parents, be readers yourself. Isn't it unfair if you want your kids to read and yet you don't? Give extra effort to pick up a book and read so that kids can see that you also love reading.

Happy Reading :)

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