Friday, May 8, 2009

10 Steps for Speedier Web Browsing

1. View multiple pages at once. You can read one while you're downloading another in a separate window.

2. If you can do without multimedia bells and whistles, switch them off.

3. You may not need to type the full address. With some company sites you just type the company name and it will whisk you there.

4. Alternatively, in Explorer if you type in a word press ctrl and enter, it'll insert "www" and "com."

5. The net slows down as the US wakes up and logs on. So try a time when they're asleep.

6. Don't wait for a page to finish loading before clicking on a link.

7. If a site offers non-flash, non shock wave, non plug in versions, use them. You lose the flashy animations, but it'll load faster.

8. Get the latest version of your browser.

9. Your computer saves recently visited sites so if you're visiting the same pages often you won't have to keep reloading them. You can adjust the size of this cache in the Explorer in tools, Internet options.

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