Friday, August 7, 2009

Cozy Bed Set

Last night while cleaning our bedroom, I found out that most of our bedding sets were all antiquated and old fashioned already. I needed to look for a new one and I’m looking for bedding sets that has a refreshing effect in our bedroom. Bedding Sets that has cool colors and a not so complicated prints. In fact I prefer plain ones so that it so easy to go well with your bedroom wall paint and curtains. And while surfing in the net I happen to stumble upon the Nantucket bedding set which looks so cozy and so comfortable to sleep with. Its breezy blue suede which accentuated with white and blue stripe and floral patterns makes it more comfy and will really take you instantly to a dream world.

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grace fancubit said...

hi laine, you look familiar.. fr where are u?