Thursday, August 13, 2009

Letting Go of my Long Time FLY Buddy

I have less work to do today at the office and no opps to write. And while thinking of what to do, all of a sudden something pop up on my mind. What if I’ll let go of this long time so called fly buddy of mine? What will I feel? Will I feel sad and lonely because something or a part of me will be taken away? But then this will be for my own good. I’m sure this will not be a simple decision to make. It has to do with a lot of thinking and discernment. *sigh*

Anyways, maybe you’re all wondering what I’ve been thinking and talking about here … Am just talking about my long time so called fly buddy. Oppss. . .Do I sounds so nasty and filthy already? Sorry. . .Actually what I’ve been talking about is my MOLE below my nose which I fondly calls it as my FLY Buddy. I have this mole since I was a little kid. It just appears under my nose and as I grow older it also grew bigger. I then refer it as a fly because it looks like one if you’ll fix your eyes on me from a distance. And mostly people notice it and I get so conscious with it. And now I’m thinking of having it remove through a laser removal or surgery? But then do I still look cute afterwards? Hmmm. . .What a question?

Below are my pictures with a mole on it and without it.

still have my mole on this pic

edited my pic and have my mole erased :)

Identical Twins :)) lolz
Just a comparative picture of having a mole and without it. . .
Whatcha think? :)


shelo's garden said...

Of course you would still look great Laine. Pero seriously speaking, I wouldn't recommend you to remove that or do something about it. Kasi I knew somebody who was from Mama's office before, she died because of cancer. The cancer started when she removed her mole on the nose. But Im not scaring you ha, maybe it has other complications.. Pero cute man gihapon imo mole Laine.

chubskulit said...

I still like you with mole, it makes you unique!

payatot said...

ok lang naman kahit meron ka nyan, di naman nakakabawas sa ganda mo yan..ok na rin kung wala kasi medyo may bagong nakikita sayo pero in the mean time, magtiis ka na lang muna kasi di na mawawala yan, hihihihi

Phebie said...

mas wafa ka wd ur mole!

Anonymous said...

I'd remove it because it could develop into skin cancer. I had one on my face that did and then I needed serious surgery.