Sunday, August 30, 2009

Picture Perfect in Hawaii

I love to take a picture that’s why I’m always bringing with me my digital camera wherever I am. Especially if I’m on travel the first thing I put in my handbag is my camera. My digital camera is like a part of my life without it I feel incomplete. Gosh, do I sound a camera obsess already?

I do seldom travel that’s why each time I went to a place I take so many pictures of it. I do capture its scenery, their beaches, surroundings and anything that interest my eyes. In fact I do have a dream destination for a photo shoot and that’s Honolulu Hawaii. I would love to take pictures of its beautiful beaches and the place itself. And if that will happen I would really bring a professional digital camera like a Nikon camera. Gosh that’s too expensive I can’t afford to own one either! Well then good enough for I stumble upon a site that offers camera and camera accessories rentals at Honolulu Camera Store. So if that dream Honolulu travel of mine will come true in the future I can still take a picture perfect like a pro then.

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