Monday, June 22, 2009

The Story Behind my Bday Balloon . . .

This cutie balloon arrangement was a surprised gift to me from my Budget family. I was not expecting it at all. In fact i was on a birthday leave last friday and i did not plan to go to the office but then something so unexpected happen. (never mind what that is...)

Anyways when I arrived at the office at about 4pm, mommy phebie was so busy doing errands and everything. I even asked her were she's going, but her reply to me was that she's going to pick up something very important. So i just open my computer and begin checking my emails and blog and even chatted to my friends on my YM. 30 minutes after mommy phebie from behind sang to me a happy birthday song and handed me the cutie balloon arrangement. I was speechless for a while and i was so shock. i was really not expecting it at all.

Thanks so much for this cutie birthday balloon. I really love it. Until now it was still on my table. I did not brought it home for am sure my son will play with it. Thanks much!

my cutie balloon

with a tag on it.

fatzy me hiding behind my balloon

with my budget family
(l-r) mommy phebie, me, ate prescy & regie
by the way mam reina our boss and ate malou was not included in this picture.
haven't you notice something?
all of us budget staff are all sexy and beautiful....:)


Phebie said...

whaaaa...buti na lang at na surprise kang talaga! hehhehe...kala ko wa effect na...
yeah ur ryt mommy laine...lahat tayo dito sa budget section purong maganda at sexy..kaya nga daming naiinggit sa atin...hahahhaha

Seiko said...

Nkakatuwa naman ang sweet sweet naman ni mommy Phebie,mababaw lang ang luha ko & I almost teary eyed & touched upon reading this.You're so much Blessed for having such a dear friend around you,priceless than gold.Really happy for you.

Laine said...

as in mem super duper surprise talaga si me. I thought nong umalis ka para may kunin part pa yun don sa infres workshop ninyo. thanks again :)

Thanks mommy seiko. pati tuloy si me medjo the teary eyed din sa comment mo. :)