Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Mamang's 60th Bday Celeb

For these past few days I've been mentioning in some of my post about my mom's 60th birthday celebration. Now I'm posting her birthday celebration pictures. Actually her birthday was on June 11, but she did celebrate it on June 20 on my papang birthday too. So it was like a double birthday celebration.

It was just a simple birthday celebration, my mamang invited few of her friends so as my sister invited some of here closest friends too. My son was the super entertainer that time, he feels that it was his birthday too. lolz

Here are her birthday pictures. Just scroll down to view it. :)

This was taken on June 11 on her actual birth date

yummy crispa pata

my son blowing the birthday candle
as if he's the birthday celebrant
he keeps on insisting to have a birthday candle on the cake

this was taken on June 20
it was then my papang's bday
so it was kinda double birthday celebration :)

my mamang's simple birthday cake

my son and my mamang
again this time my son who blows the birthday candle

my mamang's friends

chow time :)

my son with my sister's classmates

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