Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Overloaded and Pre - Occupied

For this past few days and weeks I’m not so active in my blog. I haven’t posted any personal post or updated my post everyday instead memes, awards and contest entries only. I was not even able to blog hop and leave comments and messages. And I would like to apologize for that. As I mentioned on my previous post that this month of June is my month because it has full of special or important events. First is my mother’s 60th birthday which was last June 11 but she’s going to have her small birthday celebration on the 20th during my father’s birthday too. It’s kinda double celebration or makes it triple celebration for my birthday falls before my father’s birthday. But unfortunately my father passed away 8 years ago. He did not make it to his 60th birthday for he died 3 months before his birth month. Anyways, my mother just wanted to have a simple yet memorable birthday celebration this Saturday. And with a very tight budget that we have I dunno what will be our menu. If only I know how to cook then I will be the one to cook it, but unfortunately no one knows how to cook in our house. So we don’t have a choice but to order food from a caterer and it’s rather more expensive. Whew!

Another thing that keeps me busy and pre-occupied is my mother’s SSS retirement claim. I and my mom got a headache on it. My mom is paying a voluntarily contribution at SSS for the past years. Now that she’s 60 she applied for a retirement claim for her monthly pension. But while complying for all the requirements we found out based on SSS records that she had been employed to a certain Goodluck Textile Company located at Malabon. She was so shocked for she hasn’t work there and never been connected with that certain company. She wants it to be deleted on her record, so SSS gave her a request form for a deletion or correction of her records. Upon complying it, my mom returns to SSS for submission but then she was told that she filled up a wrong from. Were in fact that was given to her by one of the staff and now she was again given another form and another requirements to comply. Grrr…I was pissed out with them. Sorry for that word. But can they please help solve that problem. I think this is just an easy problem its only a deletion or correction of records. Not that they just let my mom fill up a form and let my mom return in their office which is a waste of time and money. Anyways, enough of this rants of mine. Hope this will be solved, I will accompany my mom when she goes back there within this week.

I guess my post is too long already. And before I end this post of mine I would like to thank all my friends here in the blogosphere who continuously visit my blog and leaves messages and comments on my post and cbox. Sorry that I was not able to visit you all back. I’ll try my very best to be active again as soon as possible. Hope you do all understand. :))

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Beth said...

Advanced Happy Birthday Laine! Ang galing naman, all your bdays fall on June.
I understand you for your disappointment with SSS system. Nkakakapagod magpabalik balik at waste of money talaga. Sna maayos na.
Take care!