Thursday, June 25, 2009

Our Little Dishwasher

Who says only big boys knows how to wash dishes? Well, little big boys knows how to wash dishes too...:)) The pictures speaks itself . . . :) lolz!

putting liquid soap in the sponge
look at the sink its full of used kitchen utensils

whew! looks like my little big boy dish washer has a lot of things to do
the sink speak of itself :)

ooopppsss . . . i guess his done already. . .
his beginning to rinse the plate

still rinsing the plate . . . :)
whew..what a tough job mom :)

How I wish when my little big boy grows up he would still help me in doing household chores. :))

1 comment:

payatot said...

masipag naman pala si big boy mo mommy laine...dapat lagi kang may pasalubong para lalo syang sipagin...