Sunday, July 26, 2009

Play Station Addict

My sister is a Play Station addict and fanatic. She always plays it whenever she has an idle time. She can even play it straight for 10 hours. And take note if she plays with her play station don’t you ever dare to disturb her or else you’ll gonna be kick outside the house forever. Whew! What an addict she is.

One day while surfing in the net she came across shopwiki dot com an online shop that sells Play Station 3 or it is much well known as PSP3 gadgets. By the way my sister is only using a PSP2 so when she learns about PSP3 gadgets she then was so excited with it. Play Station 3 has more exciting and fun games that well get your feet more perspiring this time. With its cutting edge cell processing ability and sci-fi quality Blu-ray disc drive surely the PSP3 is indisputably the most technically powerful console of today’s generation. In fact PSP3 can surpass the Xbox 360 and Wii. Cool!

Upon learning all of that my sister got more excited. She then told me that she loves the PSP3 because of its slim and stylish design that would easily blend in her room. PSP 3 also serves as a complete entertainment media center for listening music and viewing photos. She really finds it perfect for her since she loves listening music and loves to take pictures with her cell phone.

She was also captivated with the Play Station 3 accessories for it has a wireless Sixaxis Controller. The first ever controller available for PS3 which has a modified version of the DualShock that she’s currently using on her PlayStation 2. My sister was also awed by the Play Station 3 Games for it has wide array of new and exciting games. And now she can’t wait any longer to own a new Play Station 3. :))

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Seiko said...

Haha!!Adik nga Mommy Laine!