Thursday, July 30, 2009

Too Busy

Goshhhh…I was very busy for these past few weeks that I haven’t updated my blog once again. I thought last week that I will be active that’s why I made a post entitled "Blog Activated". But then the unexpected happen we had our agency’s Midyear Performance Review and I was busy preparing and making report for my boss. Then this Monday, we headed to our station office at NOMIARC Dalwangan, Bukidnon and we stayed there overnight. I was quite sad for I’ll gonna miss my blogging career. Lolz! All I did there is listen while division chiefs and program directorate were reporting about their accomplishments and fattening at the same time. It’s fattening because the food was so nutritious and delicious. You will also have the gusto to eat more for the weather was so cold and freezing. In fact on the second day the place was so foggy. I guess I gain weight during our two day midyear performance review and it was not good. Waaaaaaaaaaaa… I have to be in strict diet again that means half rice ever meal.

Well, got some pictures here to share with you guys during my stay at NOMIARC

foggy morning @ NOMIARC

staring at the fog . . .
talikodgenic... :)

talikodgenics 2

can't see the road anymore
if its not foggy you can see the road or highway in this area

take a pose even the weather is cold
(l-r) ate prescy, ate malou and ronald

By the way I had a little bit trivia here, we did held our agency’s midyear performance review at NOMIARC because last two weeks ago Pres. Arroyo held her cabinet meeting at there and our Regional Director wants us to view the changes that they made there.

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Life Moto said...

wow napakaganda naman ng view dyan. it is really nature ang feeling. i miss that kind of ambient. have a nice day then.