Monday, July 6, 2009

Loves to Read?

I love to read books and novels just to relax my mind. For each time I read a book I feel like I am being lead or carried away to another dimension or world, a world full of romance, drama, adventure and suspense.

I even have collections of novels and pocketbooks before. But nowadays the world of E-books invades perhaps because of the computer age. But then I find E-book more advantageous and convenient especially in searching for a book that I would like to read. Even if I forget the title and author of the book I will just use the pdf search engine and in just a second I would find the book that I’ve been looking for. And what’s good about e-book is that they have wide and huge collections of books from all over the world. So book worm fanatics like me this is really a great opportunity for us. :)


Genejosh said...

may tagalog e-book? he..he..miss reading tagalog pocketbooks to enhance my tagalog....

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payatot said...

ay naku genejosh, buti pa paturo ka sa akin ng tagalog at dyan ako expert....e di ngayon mommy laine dito ka na sa net magtatambay para magbasa ng e book?