Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wedding Invitations

Another dear friend of mine whose based in Thailand is getting married next year and she asks for my assistance on were to order giveaways, were to get a good photo coverage from pre- nuptials to the wedding itself and most especially on were to order her Wedding Invitations. She doesn’t have enough time to take care all of those things for she’s so busy with her work. She doesn’t have ample time in preparing in some of her wedding details for her work consumes all of her time. She’s in charge in distributing their entire product around the world. Since she’s my close friend since college years I could not refuse her request but help here in some of her wedding needs.

While surfing in the net looking for a nice wedding invitations I stumble upon a Storkie dot com were they offer a widest array of greatest selections of custom made Wedding Invitations. All their products are made and crafted on very nice quality materials. In fact they have state of the art Interactive Design tool. Cool! By the way they also cater Holiday cards, thank you cards, announcements and a lot more.

When I told my dear friend about it, she then like the idea and decided to order her wedding invitations at Storkie dot com.

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jodi said...

good luck to your wishes...